My Prison Cell

My Prison Cell

These shackles have been my life
These many years
Worn to prevent more crime
That was done in my younger years

Chaffed my skin the sores still bleed
Tho I no longer care
I live a life of solitude
At my prison walls I stare

The sounds of youth are gone today
My life has passed me by
I am much older now
Than when I came to stay

The smell of rotting flesh
Oozes through the floor
No cool breeze or summer air
Has found my darkened door

Darkness surrounds me
No window let’s in light
No sky above or ground below
Can ease me from this plight

I’ll stay awhile longer
Before death greets my soul
I’ve been repentant for my deeds
Though I’ve a long way to go

The luster of my youth has gone
I’m no longer young it seems
Don’t know my age no more
Except in my dreams

I remember many things
Most of them bad
The good I could have done for you
Was never to be had

Crime and disease
Were my stock in trade
Sell you anything you want
But the price must be paid

I’d take anything you had
Just to pay my wage
Didn’t matter, young or old
Your pain would make my day

I’d wait upon the street
For you to show up
Begging for a little more
Of what you’d stirred up

Sin was high on the list
Of things to get from me
If it was to be had
I’m the man who could get it for thee

No ordinary salesman
No conjuror of tricks
If it could be had at all
I could get the real deal quick

People came in droves
To see the wares in my stall
Some for little trinkets
Some for full blown falls

They would wander from the streets
And houses far and near
But all said I was the man
Though you’ll have to pay, my dear

The coppers they all knew me
But none could pin a rap
I had money in all the right places
To get me out of their traps

I’d bide my time and rest awhile
As they would roust the lot
Sure enough the people came back
To get what they sought

All was good and right for me
Until there came a law
That said you must do the time
If you break the laws

Someone must have been keeping track
For many was my crime
Through the years I’ve sold it all
And now I’m doing time

They threw the book at me
As the saying goes at times
They told me I would rot in hell
For my committed crimes

They walked me to my cell
Chained me to the wall
And here I sit each day
Staring at these walls

Fair is fair
I guess it’s right to say
Crime it was good to me
Until they changed their ways

Now I sit here rotting
In my darkened cell
Never to behold the sky
I’m buried alive in hell

Days go on with no reprieve
No change in my affairs
The doom I used to run from
No longer makes me scared

I no longer run from the gallows
But look to it in delight
For it will end my suffering
It will end my plight

I long for the day
When freedom rules my way
When chains no longer bind me
And I can walk away

But that will only come
When age takes its toll
I am here for all time
I’ve been kept on the roll

No escape from this life
No chance of pardon come my way
I must accept the cell I’m in
Will last me all my days

Remember me on your ways
And know there must be more
Than living life in a cell of sin
Created by mankind

Search for freedom
Search for light
That will give you all your desires
And fill your heart with love

Time will run away from you
And be gone so very fast
Choose the road you want to go
And there make your dreams last

My time is done
I’ve done my time
I’ve paid a price so dear
Repent from your wicked ways
The end is drawing near



Saw Her From A distance
With worldy splendor fair
Curve of her figure
Sunlight in her hair

Loved the way she walked
As she swayed side to side
Dress of a woman
I could see it in her stride

She spoke having knowledge
Her mind a thing at peace
Never raised her voice
Put them all at ease

Her eyes flashed of sky
The blue a giveaway
Mischief there appeals
In what she didn’t say

Her name was never spoken
Tho mistress she was called
Unsure of the meaning
As she walked from stall to stall

I asked around discreetly
If any knew her name
None could recall
Just mistress all the same

I followed her around
To hear what I could hear
If there was a chance
To name one so dear

Never heard a word
Of a proper name
Mistress she was called
As if it were a game

I asked the elders
Gathered round
If any had a clue
Who this woman was
What did she do

They spoke of a time
Before I could recall
A scandal whispered quietly
Of a woman’s fall

They said she had been faithful
To all that she knew
Until there came a day
When a stranger wandered through

Handsome he was
And caught the lady’s eye
Smooth talking scoundrel
Slowed her walking by

She was tempted by his charms
And promises of love
She never had a chance
Unless from GOD above

He took her heart to task
And tampered with her being
Said the things she would like
And took all without her seeing

She was left a shell
Having learned a lesson hard
But better off for it
Having ditched that ruthless card

She has lived a life of solitude
To keep from being lost
To keep herself in one piece
No matter the cost

You may find a greeting
If you speak hello
But don’t expect too much
She guards her heart just so

Mistress is the name
She chose to use instead
So others wouldn’t ask
And to lay her name to bed

Some still remember
Others choose to forget
The day she hit rock bottom
And spoke of her regret

She told us of her desires
Though still she was upset
That all she ever wanted
Was love and respect

So give her some peace
That here she may live
Among those who love her
Who guard her within

Cast your eye on someone else
For she will never see
The man you think you are
If you speak of your need

I sat there and listened
As he told her tale
And came to understand
That he’d torn her veil

I grieved for a moment
Sad she had been played
But then rejoiced
She had a place to stay


I still remember
The time we spent
Learning to laugh
Learning to love
Learning what it means
To be together

My heart still sings
Of the love we shared
Trembles at the sound
Of your voice

I look around for you
But you’re not there
Just my imagination
Reminding me
Of what we shared

Memories of good times
Laughter from the heart
Time spent willingly
Learning, loving, aching
Together or apart

What kind of man am I
To live a solitary life
Dreaming of a time
No longer in my life

Every day a challenge
Get up and go on
Get up and move on



Lady Liberty is restless
Stalking about
Looking for a warrior
To stand up and shout

She calls out to her people
Come hear my voice
While there is still time
To stand and make our choice

Lady Liberty is crying
For those who have lost
Their reason for living
And persuit of happiness

Their rights have been trampled
By leaders promising the best
Tears falling in the darkness
Show her shame for our regress

I went to Lady Liberty
And asked her what was wrong
She said she was heart broken
For the liberties that were gone

The freedoms that were promised
To last us a lifetime
Have been take away
In the blink of an eye

She quotes from the constitution
The freedoms we were promised
And shows how little by little
Our innocence we’ve lost

Amendments keep on changing
And repainting a picture
That was once bright and beautiful
To something dull and wasted

Marionettes and puppets
Controlled by the puppeteer
That’s what we’ve become
A group without a seer

Strung along and dragged about
No peace for our minds
Standing in the wastelands
Unable to see the signs

Lady Liberty holds me tight
And tells me to find what’s right
To find the path that leads to hope
And promises fulfilled

Restore the firm foundations
Of a right and proper time
Help them find their heart
And give them peace of mind

She seats me on the steps
That leads to her dress
And regains the platform
And her original address

She stands their proudly
Proclaiming for all who hear
Come to my land
And I will give you rest

People lend an ear
For the time it has come
For us to stand together
And our enemies to overcome

GOD grant that we be humble
When seeking what is right
Pray for our leaders
And turn darkness into light