Beast infiltrate the temple
Make everyone believe
He is the way to everlasting life
Slight of hand and twist of fate

Lies preached as truth
Spoken with eloquence
Words we all long to hear
Deep within our heart

He talk of peace and love
As if he were the king
Just a little off center
But the people will still believe

No one question his authority
No one ask for credentials
People took it as gospel
He knew what he was doing

Dragged the people to suffering
Dragged them into pain
Told them all it was how it was done
To get the people out of the rain

Never one to compromise
In what he was going to do
Drag them all straight to hell
Just to cause the Father some pain

Preached a new philosophy
After he had them in
Do whatever you want to do
Nothing here’s a sin

People fell into step
With the way things were
Thinking they would go to heaven
Yeah, they were oh so sure

Should have seen their eyes
Should have heard their cries
When they found themselves in hell
Yes, they were all taken by surprise

So listen very carefully
To the words spoken today
Some lead to heaven
Some to hell everyday



And I live
I live
I live
Out here in the wastelands

Where the time
The time
My time
It is no longer mine

And I wrestle with my future
And all I could become
Wrestle with my past
And all I’ve overcome

And the haunting sounds of sin
Ringing in my ears
Telling me of time to come
And all the wasted years

Whisper in the garden
Speak into my soul
Speak the truth unguarded
Into this blackened hole

And I find myself seeking
A truth I do not know
Of how it came to pass
And how my life is just for show

Shocked into being
Torn from the past
But will I be a better man
With a legacy that lasts

And I live
I live
I live
In the Promised land

Where the time
The time
My time
Is only in His hands

What We Need

The streets of gold we long to see
Are now paved with broken dreams
This paradise, heaven on earth
Has become a land of silent screams
People who once chased their dreams
Have become lost, a zombie scene
Drifting their way through life
Never to see the afterlife

Day by day they disappear
One by one its all so clear
The path we’re on is overgrown
Choked by sin, what have we become
People disillusioned by loss, by lust
Forgot what it means to know and trust
Their hearts are broken everyday
Then taped together for another day

Pieces of their hearts falling
By the wayside of the path they’re on
Emptiness fills the emptiness
Filling them with nothingness
Like children without a father
Like parents who’ve lost their daughter
Their is a pain and sorrow
That can’t be healed, can’t be filled with dust

No one can recall the feeling of love
What it means to be wanted, held
Hearts cry for that something
That they’ve never heard of
Point them in the right direction
Give them the extra attention
Pour out the love they want, they need
Before it’s too late

A New Life

Heart and soul in your hands
Just to have you with me
We’d be holding hands
Living a life
Of prosperity

But you’re dragging my life
Through the dirt and rocks
Making my life
One everyone mocks
Taking advantage
Of all that you can
That is why
I’m not your kind of man

And all I want
Is a beautiful life
One without shame
A wonderful life
But you say
You won’t be my wife
Laugh in my face
I can’t get anything right

And I struggle to find
The words to say
Expressions of love
To keep you from going away
And I fall to my knees
And I beg you to stay
But you go to your friends
And I can hear you say

He’s a nice guy
But it just ain’t right
Not enough money
And he don’t look right
Maybe if he were richer
I’d give him a chance
But the way things are
…..Not a chance

So I go about my day
Doing all I can
To make myself
A better man
But you don’t care
And you don’t see
The effort I put out
To be a better me

So you walk away
Never give me a chance
Just laugh with your friends
At the local dance
Make fun of me
Every chance you get
But don’t look now
I’m gonna take that bet

I’m a better man
Than you deserve
Just sit back now
As I get my nerve
To tell you how
I feel right now
About all your talk
That you’re a heel

I’m gonna make something
Of myself today
Just listen to my sound
As you walk away
Never been one
To brag on myself
But you missed out
With your selfish doubt

I’m a bigger man
Than you can understand
Cuz I’m not telling you
Exactly where you stand
My moms done told me
Not to speak that way
But understand this
Before you leave today

I’ll hold my head up
And make my way
Through this life
You tried to wreck today
I will achieve
My dreams’ll come true
But not today
And not with you

I like who I am
When you’re not around
So go back home
And crawl under ground
Take that jive talking
Way you have
Back to the gutter
Where you misbehave

Times are tough
But I’ll pull through
Just like now
I’m done with you
No more listening
To all your lies
I’m gonna watch the heavens
I’m gonna look to the skies


Calling my name
Sirens say
Come play our game

They don’t tell you
About the price you’ll pay
They don’t tell you
About the pain you’ll feel
Tempt and persuade
Seductively call your name
Call you night and day
In the voice of an angel

Wickedness and sin
Death to every man
This is what they have to sell
To everyone they can
Sell it as a paradise
Drinks on the beach
And when you’re in their clutches
Find out that everything stinks

Now I see their true form
Can it be
So deformed

And the weakness of man shines through
When temptation calls his name
Leading to his destruction
And a life bound in chains

Anchored to his past
Tied to the mast
Tethered to nothing strong
During the storm

He groans in disgust
Finally knowing his faults
Seeing for the first time
Sins kept in ancient vaults


By the machinations of war
Does anyone ever remember
What we are fighting for
Sights and sounds of life and death
Fighting for every breath
Man versus man
Destroy all we can

Posture and procedure
Statues and facial features
Words bring forth a pride
Man seeks time to hide
Bravado for a people
Held in captivity
But are we judging harshly
Our leaders and their people

Wars are caused by many things
Pride none the least
Greed, power, lust
Giving in to the beast
Oppression as a tactic
To rule a trodden people
Who are we to pick and choose
Leaders for other people

Can people choose
Their own destiny
Allowed to live
In lively diversity
Or should we let leaders
With skills unknown
Polarize and burn
The people and our rights at every turn


I can feel your heart
Beating deep inside of me
Calling out my name
In a deep heartfelt refrain
Casting aside
All the sorrow and pain
Nursing me back to health
Showing me how I can win

Surrender of heart, body and soul
To the Living GOD
Praying for those lost
Deep within their days
Calling upon the strength
You have given me
To be the man
I’m supposed to be


Oh, breath that I would take
Where have you gone
Daylight that I once dreamt to see
Is now vanished from my sight

Skies of different shades of blues
Lands multi hued
Are now gone from my imagining
Since I’m separated from you

My heart does not beat
Does not flutter with joy
Does not pump life through me
My life has been destroyed

Not for doing wrong
Not for my mistakes
But for inconvenience
For someone else’s sake

I felt a terrible pain
If only for a moment
But GOD quenched my thirst
For love that was heaven sent

I look upon you from on high
My life is different, but you know why
My life here was terminated
It did not bring you joy

I hold no ill will towards you
For what you have done
But pray for you everyday
That you’d come to know The Son

Myself and the others
Make an offering to GOD
A sacrifice of love
For our sisters and brothers

Do not weep for us
For we are not lost
But weep for the many
Who don’t understand their loss

Walk a path of purity
Walk a path of light
Walk a path worth living
In our Lords sight

Solitary Man

A solitary man
A man of simple means
Follows a path
Follows a dream

Speaks a simple truth
Words he holds so dear
Whispered on a mountaintop
Whispered in his ear

Spoke of love and peace
Of change that will come
Spoke of a future
Brightened by the Son

Many will seek this path
Many walk away
Many alread have made their choice
Will they go or will they stay

Are you in the fold
Part of the flock
Will you enter in
Before the doors are locked


No matter how discolored or hate filled,
Is still our history:
It is only a heavy burden,
If we choose to not rise above it:

Removing or rewriting history,
Does not change history:
Only an attitude to teach,
Only an attitude to learn,
Will bring us to a place of peace and reconciliation:

Destroying public property,
Violating public monuments,
Will not bring about a sense of justice or healing:

Our history is unique to us,
No other country has a history like ours:
Overcoming adversity,
Overcoming hate,
Overcoming prejudice:
These are things to be proud of,
These are things to be thankful for:

Destroying our history,
And those objects that describe it,
Shows a lack of vision,
To see the good that has been victorious,
Over the evil that came before it:

Whoever destroys,
Does not build up:
Whoever hates,
Does not love:

Who are we to write over
The words and deeds of the men and women
Who came before us:
Who are we to say,
Sweep it all under the rug,
And say it doesn’t exist:

A monument can be a symbol
Of what needs to be learned,
Not what needs destroyed:
Of what needs to be taught,
Before we succumb
To repeat the same history,
That brought us to where we
Are today: