Man of this World

Man of the world
Found his bitter heart
Threw it to the ground
Of this I want no part

Looking for love
To heal his wounded soul
Looking for a heart
To fill this empty hole

Asked the local wiseman
Where can I find love
Is it on this earth
Or somewhere up above

The wiseman said, “I’ve searched
All the corners of the world
Never found love divine
To share with you my son”

“You must seek the answers
In the places I’ve not looked
Hidden by the mystics
Or some forgotten book”

I left him in his serenity
No wiser man myself
But where shall I go
To find wisdom on a shelf

I went to the library
Sure they’d show the way
But the lady at the desk
Didn’t understand a word I said

I wandered through the aisles
Looking for a book
Of which I had no notion
Of where I should look

I looked in many sections
From autobiographies to prose
The encyclopedia had meaning
But nothing that piqued my nose

I thanked them for their time
And headed for the door
Had to find my way back
To where I was before

Talked to people on the street
As I went about my way
But no one had the answer
Or direction for my way

I wandered to my home
To search the internet
But all who claimed of wisdom
Had none to give me yet

Found some books by Tolstoy
And even Nancy Drew
But none could point the way
Or tell me what to do

I cried out,”What man has the answer
Even life itself”
Then a voice came from heaven
“I AM not found on any shelf”

“I live in all things
And all things live in ME
I created all you see
From the heavens to the trees”

“I AM everywhere you search
I AM even in your bitter heart
Just waiting for a chance
For you to let me out

All you need to do
Is humbly seek MY face
I AM in the words that you pray
I AM even in this place

I will meet you anywhere
If you come and seek ME
I will never turn away
From the heartfelt words you pray

The hole you feel inside
Is shaped just for ME
Nothing else will make it right
Come, let ME see

The pain you feel inside
The abandonment you feel
Let me have it all
And then you’ll start to heal”

I knelt upon the floor
And poured out my soul to Him
Who sits upon the throne
And confessed all my sins

HE said, “ Rise and behold,
A new creation are thee
Go out to the people
Show them all you’ve seen

Feed the hungry and the poor
Show them MY way
Touch their tattered hearts
With every word you say

Now, go with My blessing
And be kind to all
You’ll see many wounded
And some who won’t head the call

Take none of their money
For the things you do
I will provide
For them and for you

Come to Me
All you who are weary
For I will give you rest”


Runs away with my mind
Taking away
All that I have
Pitfalls and snares
Snag away all I dare
Hiding from me
Your love and your care

All that I have
Filling me up
With emptiness
Haunting me
With ghosts of my past
Reassuring me
Only it will last

Is my enemy
Chasing away
All I want to be
And time
Wavers over me
Telling me
Who I will be

Is there a pathway
That lead me to your door
That draw from the shadows
Me, forevermore
A light in the darkness
A guide for my soul
That feed me the wisdom
That enrich my soul

Leave behind the reason
The excuse I thought I’d find
Look to the future
Peace and love unwind
Beginning and end
Are for you to unfold
The story you’ve written
For us to behold

Voice of America

The voice of America
Is silent today
Those who say they’re in charge
Have taken it away
Cast us to the curb
And say our voice is a bray
Nothing worth listening to
So they push us away

They say their ideals
Are the only way
For the people of America
To live today
Tie us to the mast
As the ship goes astray
Is there anyone here
To help us today

Politician, Politician
What will you say
What will you tell us
To get elected today
Sell us to a rival
On Amazon or eBay
Welcome to the new age
That’s come for us today

Circle the wagons
To hold us at bay
Set fire to the nation
To kill the American way
Molotov cocktail
At the rally today
Violence and bloodshed
It is their way

They cry out
For peace and prosperity
But take it from the people
Who need it today
Call off the dogs
We’ve had enough today
This is not my America
This is not my home I say


Leviathan pass underneath
Never heard, never seen
Giant of the deep
Come and wreck when I am weak

Break the ship into a mess
And throw me to the deep
Make my soul a wounded sheep
As I sink into the darkness underneath

Dwarf the image in my mind
Make me small indeed
Cut me to the deep

Hide from me the light above
Hide me from my GOD
Make me disappear from earth
Hide me from my sin

Check the heart in me
Make introspection just for me
Guide me to the truth of all
That I cannot see

Guide me to the wisest men
That lead me to the truth
Make a place for me among
The elders of my youth

That I might find
All that you have
To give a man like me

Men of Stone

There’s a life turn to stone
Become statue, never roam

Where the birds find their rest
In the autumn times

Look above to the fields
Resolute, never yields

His emotions are hard
As the setting stone

Will the men of our times
See the sun start to shine

Or will their eyes be shut
Till the end of time

Men come bow down
Seek your GOD
Who never sleeps

And come be reborn
For such a time as this

Run through the fields
Spread the word through the land

Let the truth of His word
Be sufficient

Bring forth all the lost
Make them whole, don’t count cost

As we see that our land
Has been reborn

People of this world
Put down all your fears

And come to the cross
For redemption

People hear this plea
For it is for you and me

For when the time has gone
It is done


Have I been awakened
From a long and fitful dream
Come to see the land
As it disappears in front of me

Land of prosperity
Come to it’s end
Come to ruination
In our leaders hands

Is there more than loneliness
Are the people gone and dead
Images in my mind
Have gone and are fled

The echo in my head
Of a life I once lived
With beauty and love
Has faded into night

I have awakened
From a troubled slumber
Dreaming that the world I’d known
Had come to an end

The purple mountains majesty
The amber waves of grain
The sights and scenes of all I’d seen
Washed away with the rain


Conversations had
Around an open fire
Ideas exchanged
Heartfelt desires

Words we shared
Drink or two
How many recall
The friendly few

Many are the people
Who long for this and more
Fight against the loneliness
And heartache that befalls

Can you hear the calling
The longing in our hearts
Can you see the tears
We cry from our broken hearts

The news brings us notice
Of lies and deceit
Showing us the corruption
Of people who will not speak

Truth over lies
Honor and dignity
Peace here to everyone
With respect and integrity

People living in reality
Don’t understand this fakery
How can you say you understand
When you don’t live there with me

And the world turns
As the sun rises
And the leaders never change
And live lives that inspire


He found his heroes
They all died
By the time they were 27

Living their lives
One day at a time
Burning candles at both ends

Poets and singers
Entertainers and dreamers
Never found the sacrifice

Never found the way
To live another day
Make it into heaven alive

So, won’t you come down
To my side of town
And find the way to live

And get you into heaven
Free of the debt
That holds each and every one

That never found the way
To live another day
In the blood of Jesus Christ


Here I’ve come
To the end
Upon this cross
My life will end

I have been
Robbed from all
I could depend

Repentant in my soul
Ask forgiveness, make me whole
Only you can repair
The damage done

Remember me
Oh my Lord
Oh my Lord
Remember me

I say this day
You will be saved
On the other side
We’ll meet again in paradise

I have been found
When my soul lay on the ground
I have found

Laws Unknown

The tramp of their boots
Was the first thing that I heard
As they came upon my door
In the early morning gloom
They battered in the barricade
And scrambled through the door
Here in that moment
Our lives changed forevermore

They threw us to the floor
And bound us hand and feet
Carried us through the door
And out upon the street
Here there was no dignity
Here there was no pride
Here there was no charity
In this our final ride

They brought us to the magistrate
And read out all our crimes
He sat there and scowled
Sure we were wasting his time
They gathered every witness
They could find upon the street
That gave corroboration
To the tale they did mete

He grumbled and he cursed
Like to beat the band
Gave us all life sentences
Out of hand
He said, never in my life
Have I seen such a lot
People who know everything
Except for what they got

You protest to the heavens
Say your innocent
But the people here this day
Have found you unrepentant
You think the laws will save you
Keep you in its hand
Keep you from harm
In this foreign land

Many are the times
And many are the crimes
That were swept away
Since the beginning of time
Here your disobedience
Has brought about your fall
In this land of foreigners
Immigrants one and all

The change will do you good
Give you time to think
Of the laws you disregard
Of which we now speak
The bailiff will take you out
And to your cells to weep
Till you discover humility
In your darkened sleep

We trundled across the courtyard
To our prison cells
Never to behold freedom
No matter how loud we yelled
We rotted and we slept
We slept and we ate
Throughout our tiresome days
Throughout our wearisome ways

The laws we have broken
Were unknown to us
But here we are
Slaves of the unjust
If you travel very far
Be careful what you do
For laws in lands unknown
Will be coming after you

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