Spies of men in our land
Not the men they claim to be
Undercover to deceive
Take from us all they see

Land of love and Liberty
Losing ground to ghosts unseen
No more peace for you and me
No more freedom, chains for you and me

Leaders casting shadows of evil seen
Disturbing all that might have been
Lining pockets with blood and tears
Of all the people cast in slavery

Laws of deception worded code
Confusion is the order by the bus load
Who will change their ways to righteousness
Who will change our ways to righteousness

Demons dripping evil in the hearts of man
Whispering deeds and thoughts unknown before
Disturbing the tranquility we’ve known all our lives
For war and anger, death and destruction

Land torn asunder for the cheapest price
First come first serve is nothing right
Land of darkness we’ve become
Whatever happened to the land of light

Who has come for our purity
Tarnish our souls into obscurity
Building walls to surround our hearts
Keep us from the love we seek

Who is the one that hates us so
Who wants us cowering in pain and fear
For all the days of our lives
For all our living years


Forsaken Land

She came in shaking like a leaf
Cold and afraid, of a world filled with grief
Staring wide-eyed, couldn’t shake her disbelief

She said she was a nomad
A wanderer from afar
Came from a land of plenty
With peace throughout the land

Never knew of hunger
Never knew of war
Til she came to this land
A once shining star

She talked of leaders
Held in high regard
Leading by example
Instead of lining their pockets with gold

She said there was no disease
No sickness, in the young or the old
People lived in happiness
Prosperity at every turn

She told me of the stories
She heard as a child
How people of might and integrity
Drove the evil from the land

She talked of worshipping GOD on Sundays
And giving thanks throughout the week
Of a Savior living among the people
Whose great deeds they did speak

She sat for a moment
Gathering her thoughts
Took in a deep breath
And spoke a new train of thought

This land that we’re in
Seems so desolate
Nary a person to talk to
Nor creature to be seen

I’ve been wandering for days
And haven’t seen a soul
Stopped at the first place to show signs of life
And now I’m talking to you

The roads stretched for miles
Nothing growing on either side
Felt like I was the last person
Left here alive

I asked her where she came from
Of which country she did speak
She said she came from America
The land of the free, the land of milk and honey
From sea to shining sea

She said she was from the northwest
A small town in Oregon
Just a blip on the map
No one ever heard of

A town called Lebanon
Named after the city of cedars

I looked at her closely
To see if she was right
Because the story she just told me
Couldn’t be right

I told her, her story was wild
Though I didn’t think she lied
I said, this here is Lebanon
I’ve been here since I was a child

You I’ve never seen before
In all my living days
So how is it we’ve crossed paths
At the end of days

The year is 2153
And I was born in aught nine
This land was barron since before my birth
I’ve known no other kind

Dust and wind to burn the face
Sun to peal it off
Nothing but the barest food
Made it through the waste

There’s a small group of people
Living here at best
We barter for what we can
And then we steal the rest

The buildings have been torn down
Repurposed of used for firewood
Nothing resembling a town
That could be seen here as proof

She stared at me in wonder
Then looked upon the wall
Saw an old photograph
Of the town before the fall

She said, there’s the town I know
In that photograph
Looks just like my hometown
When I was a kid

I said, that’s from 1983
Before the world went splat
Before this time where we just survive
In a desert long and flat

I’ve heard stories passed around
Telling of a time
When plants and animals were plenty
And water came from the sky

She said, they’re not just stories
For I lived in that time
Was born in 1985
When the world was still alive

How is it, how’d it come to be
That you and I are talking of
What could be called history

I know no time in between
2001 and this where I am at
But know for sure I didn’t live it
All the days of which we spoke

I know that I awoke
To this barren land
But it wasn’t this way
When I went to bed on last Saturday night

I’ve been here a week, I think
And this is all I’ve seen
A land forsaken
Nothing but a storm

Who am I to question
The how or why I’ve seen
I just know my reality
It was changed while I dreamed

I gave her some food and water
And put her to bed
Wondering the whole time
Why I felt this dread

Can lives be transported
In the middle of your dreams
Can your whole world
Be changed in the blink of an eye

Who are we to wonder
The hows and whys of life
If only to live with purpose
And keep the sanctity of life

Many things bloom in the desert
Never seen by human eye
Who’s to say the people here
Can’t do the same

Dreams of times come and gone
Or visions of the future
No man has the wisdom alone
To find the answers posed since the beginning of


Feeling like a renegade
Lost in the new age
Pounding out the discourse
Of which I’ve lost a page

Voices change the idols name
Dare I say it’s not the same
To some it seems just a game
But who will come decide

And the merry-go round
Keeps spinning faster
Throwing off the occupants
Who want to make the grade

And the man I want to be
And the child I still see
Cannot come to terms
Of who I should be

And so I wander in this world
With my heart here unfurled
Looking for a place
A place to call my home

And the arguments I hear
Ringing in my ears
Tell me there’s no choice
It’s already been made

So a man of simple means
Who can’t find his dreams
Must wander the desert
An unknown set of years


Worshipping, worshipping
All that I naught
Worshiping evil
As a man who’s been taught

Images, graven
Statues a raven
Old and the new
Be it ones or in twos

And here I am
Down on my knees
A man, I can’t see
All that I should be
All that I could be
If all of my idols
We’re just thrown away

And here I am
Down in my face
In the mud, a disgrace
And I’m wounded and hurting
My soul it is burning
And all I have is gone
And all I have is gone

Pedestal, cabinet
Rooftop, parapet
High and the low
Tell me where shall I go

Highways and byways
Cities and towns
From here to eternity
Where am I bound


And I rode across the plains
In the midst of pouring rains
Just to feed the bellies of
The families I named

Hunted wild beasts
And creatures of the air
On a wild steed or on my feet
I didn’t care

Some journeys are long and hard
But life is more than just survival
The journey of a lifetime
Will be a story to be told

And the deeds of the mighty warriors
Bravery beyond compare
Will be told around the campfires
To the children that sit there

Warriors of old
Men held in awe
Will give new life to children
Who grow to respect their clan

And miles I’ve roamed
Just to make it back home
To bring food and security
To those I call my own

So ride your life in style
Ride your life with pride
Bring about good fortune
To those by your side

800 Miles

800 miles of hard traveling
Brought me no closer to you
Will I find you waiting for me
When I get back home

Miss you smile, your eyes
Everything about you
Want to hold you in my arms
Your voice, your laugh
The sound of your heart
How I long to be with you

Try to sleep at night
While I’m on the road
But it’s so hard to do
I lie awake
With tears in my eyes
Just from the thought of you

And the sound of the wheels
Remind me each day
How far we are apart
Reminds me of your kiss
And all that I’ve missed
But I’ve still got you in my heart

As I roll on up
In front of our house
I see you standing there
Hand on your mouth
Hiding a smile or tear
But I hear your voice ringing in my ear

Now the miles are gone
And we’re here alone
And I’ve got you in my arms
Making up for lost time
Making up for being apart

Warm December

On a warm December evening
You came around
You told me you were done
You didn’t want anymore

The working life was rough
9-5 at a job you hated
Dreamed of making it big somehow
But couldn’t do it in this town

You were going away from here
Take a trip out to L.A.
That’s where everyone goes
To make their dreams come true

Asked me for a couple of bucks
For a ticket south
Needed just a little more
So as not to live hand to mouth

I gave you what I had on hand
And wished you all the best
Said if you’re ever in town
You’d have a place to crash

You left and went on your way
Your perfume still in the air
The words inside unspoken
Lingered in the air

I hope your dreams come true
I hope you’ll be alright
I hope you’ll be happy there
Even in the darkest night

The weeks turned to months
The months into years
Didn’t hear of your success
Or your demise my dear

Then one sunny day
In the depths of June
I heard a knock upon my door
And there you were again

You told me tales of your success
Of people and places in your dream
Of how the world adored you
Where ever you were seen

You apologized for not writing
Or calling to say hi
But life was so busy now
Living this famous life

I sat there in wonder
Not knowing what to say
But still glad to know
You were on your way

Rich and famous in Hollywood
People knew your name
Invited you to all the parties
Let you in to all the games

You left again in a whirlwind
And went upon your way
Said that you’d be back again
On some distant day

I went back to my ordinary life
Just a little disappointed
Knowing that I could never be
That friend you needed in your life

And so it goes and goes and goes again
That the dreamer always wins
Here’s hoping you find your dreams
Before the December winds, come again

One Way

If I close my eyes
And turn away from the night
Will I find my way
Back into the light

Words conspire
To draw blood from my flesh
Open fire
Kill while the killing is fresh

And the new conspiracy
Same as the old conspiracy
To drive a wedge in
Between you and me

So who’s to say
Who is wrong and who’s right
Taking for granted
We know wrong from right

And the loss we feel
And the hurt inside
Are now dripping onto the floor
Showing everyone what we hide

And the sin and the words
And the deeds and the hurt
All the pain that is felt
By all the lost of this world

Will never go away
With the words that we say
By the good deeds invented
By men of this world

Only One has the power
To redeem what was lost
To pay for the sins
To hang on a cross

Only GOD has been right
When it came time to judge
When all made by man
Could only hold a grudge

Pride and rebellion
The crutches we need
Are now gone by the wayside
With our overblown greed

So come to this place
Sit at the table
Partake of forgiveness
While you are still able


A kiss on the lips
Or a kick to the face
Welcome home my friends
To the human race

Streets of desire
Street of dreams
Not everything
Is as it seems

Darkness and sorrow
Heartache and loss
Those feelings you had
Won’t you give them a toss

And I find myself
On the same old road
Doing the same old thing
No matter what I’m told

Was there ever a time
When things went right
When I wasn’t lost
In the darkest night

To overcome this loss
No matter the cost

I’m no longer the boss
Of the days I’ve seen
Or the things I’ve lost

Overcome the challenges
I see each day
To be a better man
As I’m on my way

Heartache and loss
Are in the past
Can you feel the joy
That forever lasts

Dreams and desires
Start a new day
Give you hope
As you go your way

Listen to your heart
It knows the truth
Of how you live
Since your youth

Never give up
No, don’t give in
Overcome the death
That comes creeping in

Push it out
On the street again
Send it to the gutter
So new life can begin


There are things
I don’t understand
Why some people live
And the innocent die–/

Where pain and death
Are a daily ride
For children and women
Who deserve a good life–/

And I just stand here
And wonder why
When all the good
Seems to all have died–/

We wander in circles
Looking for the answer
Instead of gathering wise men
And searching the heavens–/

Who among us has given his life
That the poorest may live
A good and proper life–/

Who would be willing
Who would understand
Love conquers all
Even the hate
In this land