Laws Unknown

The tramp of their boots
Was the first thing that I heard
As they came upon my door
In the early morning gloom
They battered in the barricade
And scrambled through the door
Here in that moment
Our lives changed forevermore

They threw us to the floor
And bound us hand and feet
Carried us through the door
And out upon the street
Here there was no dignity
Here there was no pride
Here there was no charity
In this our final ride

They brought us to the magistrate
And read out all our crimes
He sat there and scowled
Sure we were wasting his time
They gathered every witness
They could find upon the street
That gave corroboration
To the tale they did mete

He grumbled and he cursed
Like to beat the band
Gave us all life sentences
Out of hand
He said, never in my life
Have I seen such a lot
People who know everything
Except for what they got

You protest to the heavens
Say your innocent
But the people here this day
Have found you unrepentant
You think the laws will save you
Keep you in its hand
Keep you from harm
In this foreign land

Many are the times
And many are the crimes
That were swept away
Since the beginning of time
Here your disobedience
Has brought about your fall
In this land of foreigners
Immigrants one and all

The change will do you good
Give you time to think
Of the laws you disregard
Of which we now speak
The bailiff will take you out
And to your cells to weep
Till you discover humility
In your darkened sleep

We trundled across the courtyard
To our prison cells
Never to behold freedom
No matter how loud we yelled
We rotted and we slept
We slept and we ate
Throughout our tiresome days
Throughout our wearisome ways

The laws we have broken
Were unknown to us
But here we are
Slaves of the unjust
If you travel very far
Be careful what you do
For laws in lands unknown
Will be coming after you


I have loved you
From the beginning of time
I have come for you
You have been on my mind

Through all of your trials
Through good times and bad
I have been there beside you
When happy or sad

The race that you run
It’s not about who comes in first
It’s about reaching the end
And all that it’s worth

The gateway of heaven
Is your destiny
Whether you come or go
Is only for HIM to see

Know that I love you
Know that you’re mine
I will come for you
No matter the time


Take away my rights
Take away my deeds
Take away the words I spoke
When you were in need

Take the face I once knew
And cast it aside
I no longer recognize
The man deep inside myself

Terrorize my heart
Beat me to a pulp
Tell me that it’s all my fault
For drinking from the cup

Whip me for transgressions
Barely seen or felt
Use the paddle at your side
Maybe use your belt

Burn me with your hatred
Upon this funeral pyre
Show my little heart inside
The pain that you desire

Ignore the cries I level now
Here upon your heart
Know that I have given all
Each and every part

Here I proclaim my innocence
Bare my heart to you
Never have I meant you ill
Or tried to break your heart

I see the rage upon your brow
The anger in your eyes
Do not show me anymore
My insides I despise

The words you speak are etched upon
This fragile heart of mine
Like a brand upon the flesh
They have become mine

Show mercy for this heart of mine
How much more can I take
The truth I wish to show you
Begs me have you wait

No more violence
In our hearts and minds
Only love for mankind
Brings light to the dark


People causing wars
Taking lives in hand
Killing all who disagree
That live throughout the land
Peace has gone away
No more to be seen
War spread across the land
From sea to shining sea

Men who would be leaders
Would be leaders of men
Rouse up the dissidents
From children of this land
Preach a new ideology
Raise the blood of ire
Teach them hatred every man
To kill what they don’t understand

Blacksmith take your plowshare
Forge them into swords
Make us instruments of war
More powerful than words
Farmer grant us pardon
For the food we do take
There’s no time to tend the land
A new life we will make

This will be a land of plenty
If you do as we decree
Peace will be all you see
Peace all you need
The streets will be paved with gold
The sky in silver filigree
The land will flourish as we speak
The animals bow at our feet

The land will be restored
After this mighty war
There will be prosperity
On this mighty shore
No more poverty
No more living in the streets
All will be made whole
From the mighty to the meek

We will be your leaders
Into the great unknown
Into a time we dreamed about
When as children we did roam
Towers built to signify
That we are gods
Statues and monuments
To worship midst the mobs

We must forge new ideals
To manifest on Earth
That all who live and breath today
Will bow and give birth
Unto a mighty nation
One world wrapped in unity
One made for such a time as this
Our one true destiny


And what has happened
To the American way
All the products say
“Made in China” today

Factories are closing
People out of work
The job markets closing
Govt says,
Nothing will make it work

One world order
Living for today
One world order
Can we live this way

Men upon podiums
Speaking politically correct
Say this is how we live
If we don’t want to wreck

This world as we know it
This life that we live
The people that are in it
Must learn how to give

Til it hurts
To those here without
Everything even Steven
Of that there is no doubt

Rich become poor
Middle destitute
Poor they will die
What else is there to do

Army of followers
Follow orders everyday
Who will do the shooting
On that darkened day

There will come a time
When we live by our choices
Will we live or die
On the day we make that choice

Know You Are Loved

I have loved you
From the beginning of time
I have come for you
You have been on my mind

Through all of your trials
Through good times and bad
I have been there beside you
When happy or sad

The race that you run
It’s not about who comes in first
It’s about reaching the end
And all that it’s worth

The gateway of heaven
Is your destiny
Wether you come or go
Is only for HIM to see

Know that I love you
Know that you’re mine
I will come for you
No matter the time


The news they say it isn’t bad/isn’t bad
The government in wise decree
Say we’ll take away those things that you hold
To make you slaves indeed

We’ll lock the doors to keep you drugged and
well behaved
So you don’t cause us problems anymore
Your hope in man will be betrayed
By leaders who only want more power

Speak in golden tongues
Lie and deceive
Make a mockery
Of all that you believe

Shadow come our way
And hide our glorious land
Make the sun to go away
And rain on our parade

The media sells it all
For a small princely fee
For now is the time
To make the people see

The man behind the curtain
A puppet pulling the strings
Passing on the media blitz
To us little beings

And so the time has come
To fight for the truth
The youth of our nation
No longer know the truth

And so it goes
Young against old
Children know more
Than their parents were told

Lies covered in honey
Spruced up and now on sale
What else is there to do
When you live beyond the pale

People come and go
Moving to and fro
When will the nation see
The devil in the deep blue sea

Mourn for a nation
Lost on the way
Once was a glorious lady
Now trudges through the day

Will the diamonds that shined so bright
Still have luster after all these years
Or will they turn to paste
And blow away through the years

The time has come
The truth will out
Find a way to live in truth
And live without doubt

Distance Between Us

The distance between us
Seems so great
The span so far reaching
That time and effort
Seem to have little means
To make a meaningful difference

Words cannot reach
To the other side
To plea my case
To make amends
For all that I’ve done wrong

Who will advocate for my release
To be a free man once again
To have a fair and proper wage
For the toil I endure

Do not count me slave
Tho chains around me serve
More indentured servant
To the ghost of my past
That haunts my waking hour

With each step I take
I hear the chains rattle
Reminding me each and every day
Of the internal battle
Between good and evil
Right and wrong
And who I want to be

Pray for my soul
To be renewed each day
That I may find the path that leads
Home each and every day

Spreading Fear

The news is spreading
Fear and disease
Saying it’s the commies
We should bring to their knees

They’re the ones who undermine us
Causing so many of our new problems
Corruption, slander hacking- please!
Who else would want certain people elected

Propaganda is their stock in trade
Keep from the world, Jesus Saves
Keep us all in huddled masses
And we won’t know the truth until it zooms right past us

Shout it from the rooftops
It must be the truth
Hidden innuendos in every word
Will we find out before it’s too late

We have a man to preach to the core
They’ll come and cry for change in this world
They’ll cut down all disbelievers they see
And say they should be eliminated

Midas touch on every word
Silver tongued fox, it’s not absurd
Division is the new United Front
Shout us down every time we go out

Newsman preaching lies and deceit
Pound it down our throats till we can barely breath
We choke on every word we receive
Because we’ve seen the cause of this here disease

Political lies are told every day
To make the people believe
It’s the American way
Lie and deceive, cheat and steal
Only in it for the money
And the art of the deal

Who is the real man
Not a puppet on a string
Who really understands us
Knows of our being

Knows and understands
Our wants and our needs
Give the power back
To the people on the streets

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