The Path You’re On

An idol on a shelf
Calling out my name
Says he has the answers
To the questions that remain
He said, life is full of trouble
Life is full of strife
The devil is in the details
That consume us in this life

Popular are the ways
Of celebrities
They shine a light so bright
That we forget our ways
They call us to join the party
Say we bring you life
But where is the living
When all I see is death

Writers give us details
To hang our hats upon
But what is the story
And the lessons I have done
Will they make me better
Than I was before
Will they teach me something
Or put me on the floor

Singers give us pleasure
We listen with our ears
Dance if we want to
Or bring us to tears
Some will touch our hearts
But only for a while
Who will be the one
To make our hearts smile

Teachers give us knowledge
To be smarter than before
Inspire us to push on
Go through the open doors
They show us creativity
To draw or paint still life
Show us how to play piano
Give voice to our inner being

A job will pay the bills
Give you money for your needs
But is it all that there is
Will it set you free
Work around the clock
Work until the day is done
Is my work what describes me
In the setting sun

Dream of many things
That could be had or bought
But are they what makes you whole
Or have you been caught
Find the path you’re on
And light it bright indeed
Make a way for the promised land
For you are the seed

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