Signs Upon The Street

All the signs upon the street
Scream out Jesus saves
As the alters of mankind
Are washed away in waves

Food upon the table
Lonely man does eat
Waiting for a promised time
With no sin upon the street

Sacrificial lambs
On their way to their death
Bleat a prayer unto their god
To save their dying breath

Their god just sits and gorges
His belly with their cries
As the old and the young
Wither there and die

Who will answer prayers
And repeal their agony
Take their hand and guide them to
The land of promised dreams

Gathering clouds of torment
Chase them to their homes
Surrounded by a darkness
They should never see

They break out the alters
To the one true GOD
But the prayers they used to speak
Have gathered dust as tombs

Pleas come out as utterance
Words no longer formed
How can hearts be mended here
If heartfelt words cannot be formed

Kneel upon the alter
Words will come at last
Heart will wrend the walls between
What is to come and what has passed

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