American Beauty

She was an American beauty

With her tattoo and impish smile

Made to look like a million bucks

In her torn jeans and shirts of questionable style

She had a southern accent

That was butter to my ears

Hat on backwards and hair tied back

That made her look younger than her years

She took me on a trip

That I’d never been on before

Took me around the world

When she threw me on the floor

Her hillbilly ways

Were different than my own

But she was more fun

Than I’d ever known before

She danced and she shook

To the music playing loud

Didn’t mind the gawking eyes

Of the ever moving crowd

At the end of the night

She kissed me good and long

Said thanks for a good time

And our own personal song

She was an American Beauty

With her tattoos and impish smile

But girls like her, in my book

Will never go out of style

Political Leader

I am a leader
Filled with pride
Follower of
My idols

Talk of great reward
While killing my land
Blame it on my predecessors
Take nothing in hand

Puppet on a string
No mind of my own
Mouth the words
Whispered in my ear

Dispute all truth
Call it lies
Media now turns
From my blinded eyes

People call me a coward
Untrue to my land
Asking for peace
Bring death to our land

Violate my calling
Disparage office name
Leader of the free world
But only in name

Fire me for performance
Or lack there of
As I stumble through my days
And mumble what I say

Politician for life
Got a job that pays
Haven’t done any work
All of my days

Someone take me to a home
For the elderly
I may object
But that’s where I should be

Put my days to rest
Shuffle board at best
Put me in a wheelchair
I can’t pass the test

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