My Youth

I remember stories from my youth
Of a time before this age
When man lived in harmony
Not like an animal in a cage

He dreamt of things to build and scheme
To make a better land
To make some new improvements
To help his fellow man

Plans for a family
And children in the yard
Sounds of earth enjoying all
The labors of mankind

Then the greedy businessmen
Plundered all the earth
They took from her all she had
With no thought for their fellow man

Holes were dug for science and more
With no thought on how to keep
The beauty of this promised land
Or of how to restore

They only thought of themselves
And the money they could make
Why would I give to my fellow man
Is there something more at stake

The gods of the people
Only urged them on
To think not only for themselves
But of no one else

And so the earth became a ball
That could not bounce again
And those who aim to save the land
Have brought about it’s end

They bowed and made decrees
That they offer sacrifices
To the gods of their choice
To their deities

They sacrificed their children
To live as they wished
As their future disappeared
Like a thin billowing mist

Who are we to claim as gods
The devil and his like
When all around us here and now
Our Creator can be felt

Will we turn and come to find
The GOD who made us all
The Living GOD, The Mighty One
The One who loves us all

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