I, like my brothers before me
Will rise up and defend
Those who are unprotected
Unable to defend themselves
In the midst of battle
To make known the glory and strength of our GOD
In the presence of our enemies
That they might know HE is GOD

That they will tremble in fear
Run and hide
And seek shelter amongst the rocks and low
places of
the Earth
That the glory of GOD would obliterate any light or
object they thought they had created
That HIS strength would be known throughout the
That all knees should bow and all tongues confess
HE is King

Who will rise up with me
And pray for our future
And prove that prayer is a mightier weapon than
That the word of GOD is still capable of rending
hearts in
That the word of GOD is mightier than any two
In laying waste to the plans of the enemy
That our GOD is with His people, to defend and
In the face of our enemies

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