You said you would never leave me
Nor forsake me at all
But I feel so alone
Like you’re not really there at all
And I prayed and I cried
To hear your voice again
But all I heard was silence
When I needed you here

I prayed for your help
But it never seemed to come
Didn’t know what to do
Except scream where are you
What was the reason
For the silence that I heard
Was I not worthy
To be your child again

Was there a test
I knew nothing of
Why was it not known
If I was to learn a lesson now
Did I pass my test
I don’t really know
Guess I’ll find the answer
In the end of days

And I go on living
And failing as it may
But what is the reason
I go on each and every day
I have no companion
Least one that I see
Was it something that I said
Am I nothing in this age

Where is the love
I was told was always there
Is it for others
Because I wasn’t there
And time it goes on by
And still there is no sound
Of laughter on the wind
Or love come unbound

Never Been to Mississippi

Never been to Mississippi
But I heard it’s fine
Got this big ole river
Rolling down the line

Got a lot of people
Traveling up and down these days
Just to do some business
In the most efficient ways

And I heard about the stories
And good times to be had
Just wish I had the money
Then I would be glad

And the Mississippi River
Running through my mind
Dreaming of a future
Where the sun always shines

And the catfish are jumping
At least that’s what I’m told
Best tasting fish around
Can’t beat that taste so bold

And the people there are friendly
Help you down the line
If you want to noodle catfish
You know we’ll all do fine

And the days seem to linger
As I dream of better days
When the Mississippi River
Calls my name through the haze

I see the different colors
Of the water passing by
Like a rainbow of perfection
Or a dark illumined sky

And my dreams are made of
Sights and sounds inspired
By the travels I’ve yet taken
In the annals of my mind


Leaders looking for a way
To keep us all in line
Underneath their thumb
It is the new American way

Take away my rights
To keep from fighting back
The lies that they tell
Can anyone perceive

Communism, catechism
No more religion
Preach it from the rooftops
With a gag tied in place

Blind lead the blind
To a cliff with no wall
Like lemmings to the edge
You know everyone will fall

Who can you trust
When everybody lies
Media sells the poison
With everybody’s apple pie

Blinded by the brightness
Of their big shiny smile
You can see them coming
From a country mile

Hip us to what’s new
Slight of hand, who knew
But guess I need some more
Here, I’ll take two

And the sickened decay
We fear is on its way
Has come home to roost
With just a little boost

From those in the know
Their anger just for show
Is it too late, been consigned to fate
Or can we be saved again

Watch the Word

The devil wears a word
Sounds right and true
Make some sense
Righteousness it tries to imbue
Speak of love
Inclusion for all
But the rights of many
Yes, they will fall

Speak of light
Wonders for all
But don’t say that word
You know, it don’t apply to us all
Now my speech has been impeded
The love I’d like to share
Shows how much I hate
Those who live in despair

Speak of my hate
When I speak of love
Speak against the sin
We carry in us all
Says I don’t understand
What’s right and what’s wrong
That I’ve been living under a rock
The times have changed, my son

Right is wrong and wrong is right
See the colors changes from black to white
Do my eyes deceive me
Or did I see it right
Who blotted the light from my eyes

Confusion is his trade
Slight of hand his degree
Watch out sisters and brothers
He’s coming for you and me
Chameleon in fancy clothes
A man for every day
Show you how humble he is
By the words he does say

Guard your mind and heart
Shield and sword in hand
Make him pay dearly
For this is our stand

Anybody know

Does anybody know who I really am
Does anybody know
Does anybody know the trials I go thru
Does anybody know

What it’s like to be me
In the land supposedly free
Isolated and alone
Kept in my home
When all I need is a friend

Kept alone by the govt
Made to obey their rules
Told I will be fined today
If I disobey

No laws were made
But still they persist
To make me obey
Who are they
To dictate law
That they willingly disobey

Hypocrites by word of mouth
Hypocrites by deeds
Yet they are in charge
And making new laws
And I’m pushed to my knees

Change is in order
But voting has lost its bite
Cut the fat of govt
Before they go insane

They call themselves leaders
But bury us in debt
Fight for only what they want
Not for what we need

Does anybody know who I really am
Does anybody know
Does anybody know the trials I go thru
Does anybody know

What it’s like to be chained
Made slave by govt
Made to toe a line disagreeable
Or be jailed for my nonconformity

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