Powers That Be

The powers that be
Say we must conform
Say we must obey
It is the new norm

The powers that be
Say I must give up
The life I live
And the plans I have

That I must abhor
My dreams of life
That I must get rid of
This luxury life

The powers that be
Say a reset is needed
That people must die
To save the world, indeed

Who am I to be above my place
To say I belong to the human race
The powers that be
The powers that be
Who am I to stand against their push
To be a resister to their hateful disgrace
The powers that be
The powers that be

The powers that be
Put me in my place
Call for me to be replaced
The powers that be
Call me a disgrace
Call for me to be killed this day

And what has happened to America
Land of the free, home of the brave
The land I loved as a child
Has had its freedom stripped
By the powers that be

Love not Hate

I can’t tell you
Just how much
I hate the way you
Run our world

Call me bigoted
Racist and cruel
Just for using the
Same words as you

Many days I’d
Like to say
You’re fired
By the way

Send you home
To contemplate
The actions
You’ve come to take

My rights are
Same as yours
So why the hate
For my small world

Call the cops
For my dinner guests
Why the hate
Jealous, I guess

Don’t your friends
Come and play with you
Or are they busy
Hiding from you

No more lies
And bigotry
From the leaders
Who preach deceit

Can I have my
Life again
Free to roam
My home again

Am I too powerful
Big and mean
Are you afraid
I’ll win again

Shall I show you
How I live
The love I have
And will to forgive

Have you forgotten
Just what it’s like
To be loved by
A holy GOD

Who am I to
Take away
All there is to know
And burn it away

Can’t you see the truth
To set you free
To be a child of GOD
Friend to you and me

So turn away from
All the hate
Come to love again
Before it’s too late


Feel the walls of desperation
Crowding in my mind
Reminding me of the time that flies
And all that’s left behind

Growing old is time that flies
And what is there to show
For all the effort and sweat I spend
Is there any growth

Is time my friend or enemy
When accomplishments grow slim
Is time the judge for all I’ve done
Was there something i was supposed to know

Feel the effects upon my body
My mind and soul as well
But I find my strength in GOD above
So that you may tell

It’s not about me or what I’ve done
It’s only about HIM
So come along and find your way
Before the chances they grow dim

News of the World

News of the world
Has come and gone today
Taken from the people
By leaders gone astray
Took away our freedom
Took away our rights
Said we must follow
Or perish in their sight

Heard about the grand reset
To make everything alright
But who will win
And who will lose
When they kill everyone in sight

Raise the cost of living
So we can’t live at all
Take away our jobs
Now can’t afford it at all
Who are they to think
That they have the right
To impose their will on me
And everyone like me

Who will stand up for us
To push away tyranny
Who will be our warrior
Called from the heavenlies
Are we ready for a conflict
Ready to stand up
Ready to make a stand
Against what fight may come

Bury me beneath my land
Of once amber waves
Let me Rest In Peace this way
Away from the burning land
Purple mountains majesty
Was burnt to the ground
All because of jealousy
In the heart of every man

Heard about a fallen angel
Jealous of his GOD
Said I know a way
To make the old man pay
Take HIS precious creation
And burn it to the ground
Watch as the little children
Sin on holy ground

We have been lead astray
By words of the devil
Coming from the mouths of men
Dangerous still today
Lighting fires for division
To tear apart at the seams
Watching as the blood flows
In never ending streams

News of the world
Being taken from mankind
Leaders leading us astray
With deeds so unkind
Will we see their ways
Before it’s too late
Or are we destined
To repeat a fallen fate


I want to be like you
In all I say and do
Have my actions be
What you would do

But I find myself
At the edge of a cliff
Looking for the way
I think I’ve missed

The path lay straight ahead
Should have been easy to follow
But somehow I’ve found myself
Lost, just a lonely fellow

And I bow and I pray
But the words that I say
Seem to have no affect
On my situation

I’d continue on
But for the cliff before me
Showing me the error
Of my ways

Where should I go
Where is the path
Where is the sign
That shows me where I’m at

Is there a guide here
Someone to show the way
Someone to come along
And make my day

Count it all lost
Because it’s all gone
Everything I thought I had
Is gone from my head

My imagination
Has run away with me
Dreaming of darkest things
That had a hold on me

And I struggle to go on
Blindly on this path
But where else can I go
Before my steps my last

And I search and beseech
But still have no word
That show me a better way
Than where I was before

Is there a light
To shine upon my path
One that come from heaven
Even if I’m last

There must be a better way
Than to wander as if lost
A better beginning
To this ending that I’ve lost


Death on display
State of the art
Manipulated repeatedly
To appease those here today
Made to look like fun
Made to put you at ease
Made to not be grotesque
As we sit through our meal

Violence taught to all
From the young to the old
Carnage made efficient
By masters of the trade
Masks worn to hide our shame
And identity
Parents leading children
To the steps of their grave

Religion tossed to the wolves
Compassion said to be lost
Who are the ones
That said this is the cost
To be people on this earth
To appease fallen idols
Statues of devilish design
Instead of our Creator

What is the price paid
That sacrifice is appealing
That flesh and blood agree
Children should be destroyed
Where is the heart
That cry in despair
That longs for peace
And love in their life

Search for truth
Search for love
Search for a GOD
That will invite you in


The end is coming
But we’re too blind to see
That we’ve missed the boat
And we’re about to sink

Man in his arrogance
Thinks he’s a god
Manipulating mankind
To follow in his fog

Chase away all
Who think that he is wrong
Till he reach that final day
And discover all along

That he was the one
Who was lost and alone
Living in darkness
Before the devils throne

Cry for a second chance
Cry for a life
Cry for forever
You had so many chances

Many are the ones
Who will find themselves in need
When the end of days come
And they won’t be received

So find a way to get in
Before it all is gone
Before the door has been closed
And they’ve sung the final song

This has been coming
Since time began
Don’t say you never knew
Because everyone had a chance

To listen to the preacher
Tell of Christ’s last days
Of how He died upon the cross
Of how He paid the wage

Now listen to the words
I’m about to speak
Come to the cross
Today, not next week


I cried for the children
Who died a tragic death
Whose only crime
Was they wanted breath
Laws made to conform
First with the last
To see if we’d obey
Before the final blast

Rulers who deny
The rules that they made
And the constitution
They learned in second grade
Guided by the lies
They learned in college Ed
Sacrificial lambs
Untruth they’ve been fed

Who are we to stand
And oppose their wicked ways
Suffering in public
The lashings they engage
Freedoms not allowed
But used to tie us down
Equality their answer
But expressed with a frown

It’s not for you to say
What is wrong or right
They are our leaders
Drag us into the night
Cry for the lost of us
Pray for us indeed
Cry out to GOD above
Today we are in need


Do not take my silence for apathy
Or an invitation to continue your destruction
Don’t think your way is better than mine
Just because you scream it louder

I do not argue because of the way I was taught
To argue with someone who doesn’t know the truth
It’s the same as trying to climb a wall
That has no footholds or places to grab

When you come to know the truth
Then we can have a discussion
About the way things should be
And your interactions with me

Rest assured I do not take you
Nor the words of hatred you display
But the love that I would like to
Will fall upon deafened ears

For the foreseeable future
Until you are able to discern the
Pray for the days to change
That we may know peace again

That we may be friends to one another
As Christ intended long ago
Breaking of bread and words of love
Without secrets or bloated egos

Peace I pray, be upon your soul
Happiness in your life
I hope you will discover soon
All that can be yours in this life

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