On My Road

On my road to
Heavens gate I
Found the pitfalls
That bring me late
I have found my
Path is erring
Wandering from
Here to there

On my way to
My homeland
I have found people
Along the way
That make me happy
That make me sad
That change the way I
See good and bad

My interactions
My conversations
Show the difference
Between us all
They show the colors
The many rainbows
That exist
Around us all

And the travels
You partake in
Will help us grow and
Move along
Be better people
With the lessons
Learned by sowing
Seeds of love

Shall we grow and
Make all better
Bringing happiness
To us all
Bringing strength to
The weak and
To those in need

Love is the answer
We’ve been searching for
To heal the wounds and
Fill our holes
Love is the way to
Bring the sunshine
On cloudy days and
Days of rain

Say your prayers for
All the people
That come and go
In your lives
Pray for peace and
Pray for hope and
Pray for love for

American gods

American gods
Blind us to the truth
Blind us to the light
And the one and only truth

American gods
Bind us with their greed
Bind us with their seed
To make them stronger

Can we see the path
Can we see the way
Can we find forgiveness
From the American way
Can we be repentant
Forgiven for our deeds
Can we be the children of GOD
That everybody needs

They fight to tie us down
To keep us all in line
To make us do their will
As we walk on down the line

Discovering our pain
Caused by our sin
Can we find the GOD
Who will welcome us in

Children of the lost age
Searching for the way
Listen to the words
The wiseman has to say

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