Trickster shows his wares
To make you follow along
Never showing exactly the thing
But just enough to make you go

Manipulate and deceive
To make you sin again
Make you cross that line
Just one more time

Still a hint of truth
Wrapped up in lies
To make you sit and wonder
What’s behind his eyes

Speaks his words eloquently
Like there’s nothing up his sleeve
But we’ve been here before
We know his words are meant to deceive

Watch him as he moves
Like a snake in the grass
Subtle in his deception
To not telegraph

Just what he is doing
And what he is after
But still drawing you in
Hoping you’ll miss the hereafter

Complimenting you is his slight of hand
To knock you off your feet
Keep you unbalanced
While he remains discrete

He paints a wondrous picture
Full of hope and light
Hoping you’ll miss the devil
Hidden in the night

Dressed in brilliant clothes
Made for him to look sharp
Made to draw the eye
Away from the moving mark

Magician in his manner
King in his stride
Whatever it takes
To bring you to his side

Watch and be wary
For people such as this
For they will not be there for you
Just as if you didn’t exist

Love Reacts

Violent speech, violent acts
Have we lost the way love reacts
Rain down violence on the lost
The innocent life, what does it cost

Blackened eyes see differently
Than the eyes of the aristocracy
Radical change without consent
Take pride in all the discontent

Riots call to change the laws
But what about the laws protecting you and me
Am I so bad to be abolished now
What about abortion, it’s a big cash cow

Drawing lines between wrong and right
What about the division between black and white
If one percent are bad and break the laws
Shall we punish the rest just because

Take for granted all you have
Burn it down for the lack there of
People leave to find new peace
Where is the store I used to go with ease

Up in flames with out regard
Who is the captain of your guard
Does he lead by truth, call out the lies
Or does he have you all hypnotized

Find the truth before you act
Knee jerk reactions won’t combat
Lies, hate, greed and lust
Who you gonna call when you don’t know who to trust


The wars of my fathers
Throughout history
They said it was necessary
Said it was meant to be

To ward off evil
To keep bad men at bay
To keep people safe
‘Tis the American way

Wars to bring us peace
Wars to bring new life
Wars to release chains
Wrapped around our lives

Wars to liberate
Wars for liberty
Wars to make a profit
Lest any chance escape

Death by the thousands
Millions to this day
Good men fought and died
So you could have your way

Words and poisoned pens
Killed by many words
Was it by a bullet
Or ill begotten words

Wars for foreign treasure
Pirates booty on the street
Claim the land for king and country
As they wallow in defeat

New slaves to sell abroad
Highest bidder wins the day
New chains around my neck
This is the modern way


Acid in my mouth
Acid in my heart
Acid in the places
I want no part

Acid is the drug
That burn a hole in me
Acid is the thing
That cannot be

Acid tongued devil
Speak evil when I speak
Kill the heart in them
Ever we should meet

And when I cry again for freedom
To be better than I am
Have I found the path of least resistance
Or more darkness in the land

Searching in the hallowed halls
For words of wisdom to seek
Are they covered here in dust
Or shining brightly for me

Do I have understanding
To interpret words upon the wall
To find new meaning for something
Mans been seeking since the fall

I am just an ordinary man
Living best I can
Some things I do better
But an amateur I still am

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