Son of GOD

Son of GOD, in the garden
Saying, “take this cup from me”
Not my will but yours be done
By my death they’ll be set free

Tears I cried, for my people
Blood I shed for their sins
Come to me all who are weary
And I will give you rest

Whips I felt, upon my back
Crown of thorns upon my head
Spit upon by those in charge
King of the Jews I AM

Come to me, at the cross
My crucifixion is complete
I will wash away your sins
If you come and follow me

The scars that rest, upon my body
Testify of what I’ve done
Tell the world of my deeds
That they might come in

Heaven above, is their home
Unto the least of these
Come to me, children of GOD
That I might comfort thee

Laid to rest, in a tomb
No more suffering
Stone rolled to form a door
Keep my body from the thieves

Risen from the grave today
No more will death win
Angels rejoice up in heaven
All together, with one voice

I AM the Son of GOD
The last sacrifice
Come to me brothers and sisters
Come to me, and live

Faith or Fear

Reaper come to tell his tale
Take a life here and there
Wander through the crowd I see
Infected mob, hear the children scream

And I wonder who will end this war
That takes these people’s lives
Who amongst the chosen few
Will pray for all mankind

Death is his chosen name
Come to touch us all
Some of us will go too soon
But all will heed his call

Infection is his tool
To rot away the core
To make the masses run in fear
Away from open sores

And who can find the way
To reach the people’s hearts
To point the way to GOD above
Before it’s too late

Who will show that faith
Has power over fear
That those who choose GOD above
Will have nothing to fear

And the love you seek
And hope to find
Is found in GOD
Whose love is divine


There’s a shadow hanging over this town
People smiling, some with frowns
Aching for the day, a return to normalcy
When everything’s as it should be

And their hopes and fears
Through laughter and tears
Shows the heart of everyone
Looking for a little piece of heaven

Life and death are always here
A part of each daily sphere
But sometimes it overwhelms
When it touches close to home

So say a prayer for me and you
As you go through your day
Ask the Lord for health and love
That we would be okay

Pray for your loved ones
Pray for neighbors in need
Keep us all in your mind
As we live each day

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