If the world changed
And passed you by
If it all was altered
In the blink of an eye
Would you be you
Or someone else
Would you be ok
With how things turned out

If the world changed
And blue was red
If green never existed
Except inside your head
Would you chase down your dreams
Make them all right
Would you make new plans
For tomorrow night

What would be the drive
To make you go on
If the world was different
Not like in the songs
What would you call your own
Your little island paradise
What would be your home
If everything wasn’t right


You want me near
Then push me away
Say you love me
But where do I stand

Feel like a pendulum
Swinging too and fro
Am I here
Am I here
Am I here
Or over there

My heart can’t take
This constant indecision
Running to be near
Only to be pushed away

Day and night I follow
Waiting for my chance
But who am I in your world
That I would be

But who am I
That you would want me
That I would be
Welcome here

Feel like a pendulum
Swinging in and out of your life
Am I here
Am I here
Am I here
Or over there

Man of this World

Man of the world
Found his bitter heart
Threw it to the ground
Of this I want no part

Looking for love
To heal his wounded soul
Looking for a heart
To fill this empty hole

Asked the local wiseman
Where can I find love
Is it on this earth
Or somewhere up above

The wiseman said, “I’ve searched
All the corners of the world
Never found love divine
To share with you my son”

“You must seek the answers
In the places I’ve not looked
Hidden by the mystics
Or some forgotten book”

I left him in his serenity
No wiser man myself
But where shall I go
To find wisdom on a shelf

I went to the library
Sure they’d show the way
But the lady at the desk
Didn’t understand a word I said

I wandered through the aisles
Looking for a book
Of which I had no notion
Of where I should look

I looked in many sections
From autobiographies to prose
The encyclopedia had meaning
But nothing that piqued my nose

I thanked them for their time
And headed for the door
Had to find my way back
To where I was before

Talked to people on the street
As I went about my way
But no one had the answer
Or direction for my way

I wandered to my home
To search the internet
But all who claimed of wisdom
Had none to give me yet

Found some books by Tolstoy
And even Nancy Drew
But none could point the way
Or tell me what to do

I cried out,”What man has the answer
Even life itself”
Then a voice came from heaven
“I AM not found on any shelf”

“I live in all things
And all things live in ME
I created all you see
From the heavens to the trees”

“I AM everywhere you search
I AM even in your bitter heart
Just waiting for a chance
For you to let me out

All you need to do
Is humbly seek MY face
I AM in the words that you pray
I AM even in this place

I will meet you anywhere
If you come and seek ME
I will never turn away
From the heartfelt words you pray

The hole you feel inside
Is shaped just for ME
Nothing else will make it right
Come, let ME see

The pain you feel inside
The abandonment you feel
Let me have it all
And then you’ll start to heal”

I knelt upon the floor
And poured out my soul to Him
Who sits upon the throne
And confessed all my sins

HE said, “ Rise and behold,
A new creation are thee
Go out to the people
Show them all you’ve seen

Feed the hungry and the poor
Show them MY way
Touch their tattered hearts
With every word you say

Now, go with My blessing
And be kind to all
You’ll see many wounded
And some who won’t head the call

Take none of their money
For the things you do
I will provide
For them and for you

Come to Me
All you who are weary
For I will give you rest”

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