Take away my rights
Take away my deeds
Take away the words I spoke
When you were in need

Take the face I once knew
And cast it aside
I no longer recognize
The man deep inside myself

Terrorize my heart
Beat me to a pulp
Tell me that it’s all my fault
For drinking from the cup

Whip me for transgressions
Barely seen or felt
Use the paddle at your side
Maybe use your belt

Burn me with your hatred
Upon this funeral pyre
Show my little heart inside
The pain that you desire

Ignore the cries I level now
Here upon your heart
Know that I have given all
Each and every part

Here I proclaim my innocence
Bare my heart to you
Never have I meant you ill
Or tried to break your heart

I see the rage upon your brow
The anger in your eyes
Do not show me anymore
My insides I despise

The words you speak are etched upon
This fragile heart of mine
Like a brand upon the flesh
They have become mine

Show mercy for this heart of mine
How much more can I take
The truth I wish to show you
Begs me have you wait

No more violence
In our hearts and minds
Only love for mankind
Brings light to the dark


People causing wars
Taking lives in hand
Killing all who disagree
That live throughout the land
Peace has gone away
No more to be seen
War spread across the land
From sea to shining sea

Men who would be leaders
Would be leaders of men
Rouse up the dissidents
From children of this land
Preach a new ideology
Raise the blood of ire
Teach them hatred every man
To kill what they don’t understand

Blacksmith take your plowshare
Forge them into swords
Make us instruments of war
More powerful than words
Farmer grant us pardon
For the food we do take
There’s no time to tend the land
A new life we will make

This will be a land of plenty
If you do as we decree
Peace will be all you see
Peace all you need
The streets will be paved with gold
The sky in silver filigree
The land will flourish as we speak
The animals bow at our feet

The land will be restored
After this mighty war
There will be prosperity
On this mighty shore
No more poverty
No more living in the streets
All will be made whole
From the mighty to the meek

We will be your leaders
Into the great unknown
Into a time we dreamed about
When as children we did roam
Towers built to signify
That we are gods
Statues and monuments
To worship midst the mobs

We must forge new ideals
To manifest on Earth
That all who live and breath today
Will bow and give birth
Unto a mighty nation
One world wrapped in unity
One made for such a time as this
Our one true destiny


And what has happened
To the American way
All the products say
“Made in China” today

Factories are closing
People out of work
The job markets closing
Govt says,
Nothing will make it work

One world order
Living for today
One world order
Can we live this way

Men upon podiums
Speaking politically correct
Say this is how we live
If we don’t want to wreck

This world as we know it
This life that we live
The people that are in it
Must learn how to give

Til it hurts
To those here without
Everything even Steven
Of that there is no doubt

Rich become poor
Middle destitute
Poor they will die
What else is there to do

Army of followers
Follow orders everyday
Who will do the shooting
On that darkened day

There will come a time
When we live by our choices
Will we live or die
On the day we make that choice

Know You Are Loved

I have loved you
From the beginning of time
I have come for you
You have been on my mind

Through all of your trials
Through good times and bad
I have been there beside you
When happy or sad

The race that you run
It’s not about who comes in first
It’s about reaching the end
And all that it’s worth

The gateway of heaven
Is your destiny
Wether you come or go
Is only for HIM to see

Know that I love you
Know that you’re mine
I will come for you
No matter the time

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