The news they say it isn’t bad/isn’t bad
The government in wise decree
Say we’ll take away those things that you hold
To make you slaves indeed

We’ll lock the doors to keep you drugged and
well behaved
So you don’t cause us problems anymore
Your hope in man will be betrayed
By leaders who only want more power

Speak in golden tongues
Lie and deceive
Make a mockery
Of all that you believe

Shadow come our way
And hide our glorious land
Make the sun to go away
And rain on our parade

The media sells it all
For a small princely fee
For now is the time
To make the people see

The man behind the curtain
A puppet pulling the strings
Passing on the media blitz
To us little beings

And so the time has come
To fight for the truth
The youth of our nation
No longer know the truth

And so it goes
Young against old
Children know more
Than their parents were told

Lies covered in honey
Spruced up and now on sale
What else is there to do
When you live beyond the pale

People come and go
Moving to and fro
When will the nation see
The devil in the deep blue sea

Mourn for a nation
Lost on the way
Once was a glorious lady
Now trudges through the day

Will the diamonds that shined so bright
Still have luster after all these years
Or will they turn to paste
And blow away through the years

The time has come
The truth will out
Find a way to live in truth
And live without doubt

Distance Between Us

The distance between us
Seems so great
The span so far reaching
That time and effort
Seem to have little means
To make a meaningful difference

Words cannot reach
To the other side
To plea my case
To make amends
For all that I’ve done wrong

Who will advocate for my release
To be a free man once again
To have a fair and proper wage
For the toil I endure

Do not count me slave
Tho chains around me serve
More indentured servant
To the ghost of my past
That haunts my waking hour

With each step I take
I hear the chains rattle
Reminding me each and every day
Of the internal battle
Between good and evil
Right and wrong
And who I want to be

Pray for my soul
To be renewed each day
That I may find the path that leads
Home each and every day

Spreading Fear

The news is spreading
Fear and disease
Saying it’s the commies
We should bring to their knees

They’re the ones who undermine us
Causing so many of our new problems
Corruption, slander hacking- please!
Who else would want certain people elected

Propaganda is their stock in trade
Keep from the world, Jesus Saves
Keep us all in huddled masses
And we won’t know the truth until it zooms right past us

Shout it from the rooftops
It must be the truth
Hidden innuendos in every word
Will we find out before it’s too late

We have a man to preach to the core
They’ll come and cry for change in this world
They’ll cut down all disbelievers they see
And say they should be eliminated

Midas touch on every word
Silver tongued fox, it’s not absurd
Division is the new United Front
Shout us down every time we go out

Newsman preaching lies and deceit
Pound it down our throats till we can barely breath
We choke on every word we receive
Because we’ve seen the cause of this here disease

Political lies are told every day
To make the people believe
It’s the American way
Lie and deceive, cheat and steal
Only in it for the money
And the art of the deal

Who is the real man
Not a puppet on a string
Who really understands us
Knows of our being

Knows and understands
Our wants and our needs
Give the power back
To the people on the streets

The Enemy United

Kings of this Earth unite
Together in common cause
Join hands and hearts as one
Don’t let the thought of it ever give you pause

We must show the enemy
That we are not afraid
To take a stand for our beliefs
And the words that we have said

No strong tower or fortress
Shall impede the progress we’ve made
No more shall we cower in fear
Because we know our time is near

We will overcome the infidels
Intruders on our land
We will send them to their death
With a heaping helping hand

No mere mortal can defeat us
Be it man, woman or child
We will be victorious
We will celebrate our victory in style

Do not be fearful or anxious
About the things you’ll do
For I have given my blessing
My will, from me to you

The Heavens and Earth shall bow
And pay homage to their new king
For I will take my new throne
And will be a hallowed being

No more will I be second best
No more a stepping stool
For I will be the victor
No longer will I be the fool

The keys of the kingdom will be mine
The dungeon filled with all who oppose
I will be giving the orders here
The flunkies will be disposed

I will make many changes
All to my liking
Everyone will step in line
Or we’ll begin the whippings

From the bottom to the top
All will do my will
All who oppose
I will personally kill

No one will have a say
In how this show is run
So don’t get any ideas
We aren’t here to have any fun

Marching orders have been given
So get your tails in line
Meals have been suspended
Until the end of time

If you’re unhappy with your accommodations
Keep it to yourself
I’m not your babysitter
Put your feelings on the shelf

Now, I’ll be in my lofty tower
While you slaves labor away
Do as your told
And you’ll live to see another day

Let’s keep them busy
No slacking or slowing down
Any protestation
Will be met with more than a frown

Now that you know the rules
Get your ass to work
It’s time for me to take part
In my ritualistic bliss

Never ask me anything
I’ve no time for you
Now that you’ve been betrayed
Here’s a gentle kiss



Oh, breath that I would take
Where have you gone
Daylight that I once dreamt to see
Is now vanished from my sight

Skies of different shades of blues
Lands multi hued
Are now gone from my imagining
Since I’m separated from you

My heart does not beat
Does not flutter with joy
Does not pump life through me
My life has been destroyed

Not for doing wrong
Not for my mistakes
But for inconvenience
For someone else’s sake

I felt a terrible pain
If only for a moment
But GOD quenched my thirst
For love that was heaven sent

I look upon you from on high
My life is different, but you know why
My life here was terminated
It did not bring you joy

I hold no ill will towards you
For what you have done
But pray for you everyday
That you’d come to know The Son

Myself and the others
Make an offering to GOD
A sacrifice of love
For our sisters and brothers

Do not weep for us
For we are not lost
But weep for the many
Who don’t understand their loss

Walk a path of purity
Walk a path of light
Walk a path worth living
In our Lords sight

Rise and Fall

Farther down the path
Senses dulled by drugs again
Going in circles
Don’t know where I end or begin

Fog won’t lift
Hide my brain
Left me senseless
Buried in pain again

And the thoughts I thought were my own
Have come to haunt my desperate home
Chased away the peace I prayed
Brought darkness to me everyday

And I rise
And I fall
And I hear the voice that calls
And I rise
And I fall
And whose voice do I recall

And the sounds of their laughter
Ringing in my ears
Reminds me I should dedicate
My time throughout my years

I pray
But do You hear
I say
Kill these fears
And I pray
Through my tears
Have mercy on
My burdened soul

A Solitary Man

A solitary man
A man of simple means
Follows a path
Follows a dream

Speaks a simple song(his truth)
Words he holds so dear
Whispered on a mountaintop
Whispered in his ear

Spoke of love and peace
Of change that will come
Spoke of a future
Brightened by the Son

Many will seek this path
Many walk away
Many have already made their choice
Will they go or will they stay

Are you in the fold
Part of the flock
Will you enter in
Before the doors are locked


Ease my worried mind
Let me find Your peace
Take from me the fear I feel
Let me know Your peace

In the times that I live
In the days of my life
I have heard of war
And I’ve heard of peace
When the leaders of this world
Threaten the life that we know
Are we the ones who will pay

Many are the people
Who desire peace on earth
Many are the ones
Who want to live
Who are the leaders
To take away our lives
At their whims
At their will

Who will pray for the people today
Who will kneel for their souls
Who will be the one to stand in the gap
To wrest them away from the edge

Leaders of this world
Come to know this truth
The people know your ways

They know your lies
And your evil words
They know you desire war

Do not push us to rise up
For we are at your door

Gathered Up

The enemy cast us out,
Made us slaves indeed;
Live or die,
Here or there,
Made no difference to me;

The people trembled in fear,
Unsure of what to do;
Masters whip and ill use,
Made decisions for us;

Let us be gone,
From this,
Our rightful home;
Home is lost,
At all cost,
When slaves are we;

Heard stories of a land,
Ripe with fruit and trees;
Far away,
But then again, no,
But still not next door;
We chose to go,
To live abroad,
Than to be held in chains;
Rattle the saber,
Strike the shield;
We are still children,
To whom shall we yield;

We long to be,
Children of GOD;
Not tormented,
And left in ruins;
Lifted high,
To be all we can be;
Princes and Princesses,
In our own land;
Not held by whim,
Caged within;
Or chained like cattle,
But definitely not men;

They said,
Be our leader,
Take us away;
For we have heard of a land,
In which we may stay;
‘Tis better than this ruined abyss,
Of rock, sand and sun;

We long for peace,
To be GOD’s chosen ones;
To dance and to sing,
Plant in the spring,
To raise up a family;
Children come near,
Let my voice touch your ear,
We must leave this calamity;

Each to his home,
Pack up your things,
Make ready to leave at dawn;
No more shall we wait,
In this frozen state,
Like some unnamed pawn;

Gather your children,
Animals and possessions,
Put them together in tow;
By this time tomorrow,
In wagon or barrow,
We will be children on the go;

We went to our homes,
And gathered our things,
Made ready for the new dawn;
Slept a little,
Fidgeted and turned,
All through the night;

Woke up at dawn,
Willing to go,
Like a thief in the night;
Made the rounds,
Checked one and all,
Tied everything as it should be;
No more living here,
No more this my home;
No more living like a slave,
With no room to grow;

Gathered up my belongings,
One last look around;
Said a prayer to my GOD,
We left our sacred ground;
Miles we walked,
And miles we rode,
Flies a pestilence;
Sunshine burning me,
No rain, the sun persists;

Days and nights,
We walk along,
No rest for the weary;
Sleep it comes,
In fits and starts,
My soul longs for change;
Desert heat,
Melts my soul,
My will has gone away;
I no longer see,
The horizon,
The wave crashes over me;

My people gather round,
And bid me take my feet;
Lead us away,
Bring us to,
That land of which we dreamed;
Not forsaken,
A land of milk and honey;
A land of freedom,
A land of peace,
A land for eternity;

Many days we wandered,
Many days no rest,
Many days bewildered in this wilderness;
We crossed a raging desert,
Once a landlocked sea;
Now made waste,
From sun and wind,
Lost in obscurity;

We lost a few to hunger,
A few to disease;
A few were so parched,
Their bones became bleached;
We made it to the other side,
Relief felt from the heat;
But still had a ways to go,
To stop and to eat;

Rest it was wicked,
Made us want to stop;
Made us all lazy,
Like about to drop;
A day or two of rest,
Was all we could afford;
Time to go,
And make our way,
To destination unknown;

We rose in the morning,
Found the sun at our back;
Put one foot in front of the other,
Dare not to look back;
We wandered olden paths,
Wide and narrow we found;
Some were just recognizable,
Some worn to the ground;

The people asked how long,
The people cried for rest;
How long before we will see,
This land of which we dreamed;
I gathered the leaders near,
We spoke of the concerns;
We knew that turning back,
Was not our lot in life;

We told the people our decision,
We told each one the truth;
No matter when or where,
We go forward to the promised land;
The people understood,
Asked can we rest;
Just a day is all we ask,
The next we’ll do our best;

Rest it came easier,
But still fatigue’s our friend;
Bright and early
We broke our camp,
And started on our way;
Westward, then a little south,
Whichever the path would lead;
Would we know, would we see,
The land for which we dreamed;

We saw with our eyes,
Only a little with our hearts;
Our minds were so weary,
From not being held in check;
Worry and doubt,
Were our biggest fears;
But prayer and friendship,
Had gotten us through the years;
Our days lasted mightily,
Nights went by so fast;
Food and water our desire,
How long will this walk last;

We churned out many miles,
We churned out many days;
Blessed be the GOD above,
I hope we have not lost our ways;
We were a sullen bunch,
For sight was poor indeed;
We could not tell up or down,
Or tell plant from a weed;

The land turned up lush,
Right before our eyes;
But still we couldn’t believe,
We thought our eyes were telling lies;
We hustled to arrive,
We ran just to be sure;
Hoping it all was real,
That it wouldn’t disappear;

The grass it was so green,
The trees hanging with fruit;
Could it be the promised land,
The one of which we dreamed;
We walked along carefully,
Not wanting to break the spell;
No one spoke or made a sound,
But the cows and their bells;

We each wandered idly,
Looking at all that could be seen;
Looking for a place,
To plant our wandering feet;
The people breathed a sigh,
The burden lifted free;
The people spoke to the sky,
Thank GOD for His ability;

To bless those been cursed,
Love all the hated;
Conquer death,
Give life to the oppressed;
To show us mercy,
Grace and joy;
What it is to be loved,
Every girl and boy;

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