On the last day of war
There was no one left to kill
No one left to murder
Or bury ‘neath a hill
The children had all died
That were sent to War
The parents had all died
Their hearts couldn’t take anymore

No one could proclaim
That the war had come to an end
The voices had been silenced
Except for the wind
No tears were shed
For the bodies returning from war
Everything lay stagnant
Was there life here before

No one heard the birds that sang
For they’d all gone away
No one heard the dogs barking
Not even a lonely stray
The leaves on the wind were silent
Their audience dead and gone
No one to enjoy their voice
No one to hear their song

Mushroom clouds over head
More than the eye could see
More than one could count
More than one could conceive
Buttons pushed in panic
Buttons pushed in anger
Wiped out our loved ones
Along with the stranger

Who would have thought
In so short of time
That time would stand still
Till the end of time
Bring about peace
Before peace dies a horrid death
Before we lose our life
Before we lose our breath

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