Crying For A Savior

Leaders leading through a swampy mire
Dance a dirge – round a funeral pyre
Money in the coffers hidden from us all
Blindness – we all suffer for our desire

Waver which way the wind blow
Never knowing how we go
Circles show us where we are
As we wander – follow a hidden star

Mind a mess of murky thoughts
Pick a subject before its lost
Is this really what we want
When darkness surround – our thoughts

Shall I play a tune for you
Sing of only skies of blue
What is the truth we wish to see
And is it true – for me and you

Do we get what we deserve
When we break the status quo
Urge the public to take the fatal blow
For the money – makes it all go

Will the light we seek for the subject we reach
Be enough to counter it all
And bring a new dawn
To the gloom – to the pall

We look for a new way
To survive another day
But each day we fall to our knees

In this day and age
We challenge it with rage
But the problem – still it persists

Crying for a savior
Crying for a favor
Do we really know what we need

Look for the light
Look for the way
Look for the GOD who made it all today


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