Crying For A Savior

Leaders leading through a swampy mire
Dance a dirge – round a funeral pyre
Money in the coffers hidden from us all
Blindness – we all suffer for our desire

Waver which way the wind blow
Never knowing how we go
Circles show us where we are
As we wander – follow a hidden star

Mind a mess of murky thoughts
Pick a subject before its lost
Is this really what we want
When darkness surround – our thoughts

Shall I play a tune for you
Sing of only skies of blue
What is the truth we wish to see
And is it true – for me and you

Do we get what we deserve
When we break the status quo
Urge the public to take the fatal blow
For the money – makes it all go

Will the light we seek for the subject we reach
Be enough to counter it all
And bring a new dawn
To the gloom – to the pall

We look for a new way
To survive another day
But each day we fall to our knees

In this day and age
We challenge it with rage
But the problem – still it persists

Crying for a savior
Crying for a favor
Do we really know what we need

Look for the light
Look for the way
Look for the GOD who made it all today


When all that’s left
Is emptiness and pain
When all you see
Is the darkness at your feet

I AM the one
Who will lead the way
Back into the light
Of a new day

When all that you can do
Is never enough
And the trials you’ve gone through
Have left you in the rough

Call upon the One
Call upon your King
For I will help you through
To receive everything

And the mountains that you climb
And the rivers that you cross
Are just a moment in time
In a line that’s here and gone

So rise up and be free
Take the path that’s before thee
To a future not been writ
To a play with no script

Make the most of your destiny
As you make your daily plans
Mix the good with the bad
And live a life for eternity

And all that you choose
And all that you say
And all that you think
And all that you pray
Influence the man
Influence the boy
Influence the child
You were meant to be

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