Rekindle The Fire

The gods we all worship
The gods to whom we sing
The gods we bow before
In the winter and the spring
Be it money, power or fame
Be it something more discrete
We all seek the answers
From the wrong side of the street

We wallow in our sin
But cannot see our pain
That which grieves us most
Is deeply held within
Round and round and round we dance
Without a care in this world
If only we could see
Through our pain and misery

No cheap dress or uniform
To hide our darkest fears
Only the best money can buy
To last us through the years
We fill ourselves with pride
We fill ourselves with disgust
Never to show our true selves
Throughout the days, months or years

Can we hide the pride that kills our soul
Can we find a cure for the darkness whole
Can we become all we wish and desire
Can we be restored, rekindle the fire

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