The Throne Of GOD

Have you been a target
For their barbs and their hooks
For their cutting remarks
And their dirty looks
Have you been mocked
And knocked to the ground
Every time
Your turn came around

Have you been depressed
And Ill at ease
Felt nothing but shame
Covered in disease
Left all alone
Like a leper and a fool
Shunned and ignored
At work and at school

There is a place
A word that will heal
That will touch your heart
And change how you feel
Bring forth renewal
Bring forth growth
To make you a shining star
In the eyes of GOD

Come to the throne of GOD
A place of peace
A sacred space
Where many come for life
Healing and wonders
Not seen by mans eyes
Can bring you to a better place
For eternity

Hand from Heaven

And a hand came down from heaven
And touched the heart of man
Lifted him up and brushed him off
And pointed him towards the light

Spoke into his heart of hearts
Told him right from wrong
Gave his life a purpose that day
And his heart a brand new song

And angels could be heard
Singing songs of praise
Giving voice to GODS majesty
All throughout the lands

Peace and prosperity
Tribulation and death
All were said to come about
In the lives of man

The path was never said to be easy
But doable if they followed HIM
Able to overcome all
If we confessed our sins

Live a life renewed
One with passion and love
One filled with integrity
That can only come from above

Grab the hand from heaven
Grab that lifeline
Look into the eyes of GOD
And find your eternity

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