Spies of men in our land
Not the men they claim to be
Undercover to deceive
Take from us all they see

Land of love and Liberty
Losing ground to ghosts unseen
No more peace for you and me
No more freedom, chains for you and me

Leaders casting shadows of evil seen
Disturbing all that might have been
Lining pockets with blood and tears
Of all the people cast in slavery

Laws of deception worded code
Confusion is the order by the bus load
Who will change their ways to righteousness
Who will change our ways to righteousness

Demons dripping evil in the hearts of man
Whispering deeds and thoughts unknown before
Disturbing the tranquility we’ve known all our lives
For war and anger, death and destruction

Land torn asunder for the cheapest price
First come first serve is nothing right
Land of darkness we’ve become
Whatever happened to the land of light

Who has come for our purity
Tarnish our souls into obscurity
Building walls to surround our hearts
Keep us from the love we seek

Who is the one that hates us so
Who wants us cowering in pain and fear
For all the days of our lives
For all our living years

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