Worshipping, worshipping
All that I naught
Worshiping evil
As a man who’s been taught

Images, graven
Statues a raven
Old and the new
Be it ones or in twos

And here I am
Down on my knees
A man, I can’t see
All that I should be
All that I could be
If all of my idols
We’re just thrown away

And here I am
Down in my face
In the mud, a disgrace
And I’m wounded and hurting
My soul it is burning
And all I have is gone
And all I have is gone

Pedestal, cabinet
Rooftop, parapet
High and the low
Tell me where shall I go

Highways and byways
Cities and towns
From here to eternity
Where am I bound


And I rode across the plains
In the midst of pouring rains
Just to feed the bellies of
The families I named

Hunted wild beasts
And creatures of the air
On a wild steed or on my feet
I didn’t care

Some journeys are long and hard
But life is more than just survival
The journey of a lifetime
Will be a story to be told

And the deeds of the mighty warriors
Bravery beyond compare
Will be told around the campfires
To the children that sit there

Warriors of old
Men held in awe
Will give new life to children
Who grow to respect their clan

And miles I’ve roamed
Just to make it back home
To bring food and security
To those I call my own

So ride your life in style
Ride your life with pride
Bring about good fortune
To those by your side

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