800 Miles

800 miles of hard traveling
Brought me no closer to you
Will I find you waiting for me
When I get back home

Miss you smile, your eyes
Everything about you
Want to hold you in my arms
Your voice, your laugh
The sound of your heart
How I long to be with you

Try to sleep at night
While I’m on the road
But it’s so hard to do
I lie awake
With tears in my eyes
Just from the thought of you

And the sound of the wheels
Remind me each day
How far we are apart
Reminds me of your kiss
And all that I’ve missed
But I’ve still got you in my heart

As I roll on up
In front of our house
I see you standing there
Hand on your mouth
Hiding a smile or tear
But I hear your voice ringing in my ear

Now the miles are gone
And we’re here alone
And I’ve got you in my arms
Making up for lost time
Making up for being apart


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