Warm December

On a warm December evening
You came around
You told me you were done
You didn’t want anymore

The working life was rough
9-5 at a job you hated
Dreamed of making it big somehow
But couldn’t do it in this town

You were going away from here
Take a trip out to L.A.
That’s where everyone goes
To make their dreams come true

Asked me for a couple of bucks
For a ticket south
Needed just a little more
So as not to live hand to mouth

I gave you what I had on hand
And wished you all the best
Said if you’re ever in town
You’d have a place to crash

You left and went on your way
Your perfume still in the air
The words inside unspoken
Lingered in the air

I hope your dreams come true
I hope you’ll be alright
I hope you’ll be happy there
Even in the darkest night

The weeks turned to months
The months into years
Didn’t hear of your success
Or your demise my dear

Then one sunny day
In the depths of June
I heard a knock upon my door
And there you were again

You told me tales of your success
Of people and places in your dream
Of how the world adored you
Where ever you were seen

You apologized for not writing
Or calling to say hi
But life was so busy now
Living this famous life

I sat there in wonder
Not knowing what to say
But still glad to know
You were on your way

Rich and famous in Hollywood
People knew your name
Invited you to all the parties
Let you in to all the games

You left again in a whirlwind
And went upon your way
Said that you’d be back again
On some distant day

I went back to my ordinary life
Just a little disappointed
Knowing that I could never be
That friend you needed in your life

And so it goes and goes and goes again
That the dreamer always wins
Here’s hoping you find your dreams
Before the December winds, come again

One Way

If I close my eyes
And turn away from the night
Will I find my way
Back into the light

Words conspire
To draw blood from my flesh
Open fire
Kill while the killing is fresh

And the new conspiracy
Same as the old conspiracy
To drive a wedge in
Between you and me

So who’s to say
Who is wrong and who’s right
Taking for granted
We know wrong from right

And the loss we feel
And the hurt inside
Are now dripping onto the floor
Showing everyone what we hide

And the sin and the words
And the deeds and the hurt
All the pain that is felt
By all the lost of this world

Will never go away
With the words that we say
By the good deeds invented
By men of this world

Only One has the power
To redeem what was lost
To pay for the sins
To hang on a cross

Only GOD has been right
When it came time to judge
When all made by man
Could only hold a grudge

Pride and rebellion
The crutches we need
Are now gone by the wayside
With our overblown greed

So come to this place
Sit at the table
Partake of forgiveness
While you are still able

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