A kiss on the lips
Or a kick to the face
Welcome home my friends
To the human race

Streets of desire
Street of dreams
Not everything
Is as it seems

Darkness and sorrow
Heartache and loss
Those feelings you had
Won’t you give them a toss

And I find myself
On the same old road
Doing the same old thing
No matter what I’m told

Was there ever a time
When things went right
When I wasn’t lost
In the darkest night

To overcome this loss
No matter the cost

I’m no longer the boss
Of the days I’ve seen
Or the things I’ve lost

Overcome the challenges
I see each day
To be a better man
As I’m on my way

Heartache and loss
Are in the past
Can you feel the joy
That forever lasts

Dreams and desires
Start a new day
Give you hope
As you go your way

Listen to your heart
It knows the truth
Of how you live
Since your youth

Never give up
No, don’t give in
Overcome the death
That comes creeping in

Push it out
On the street again
Send it to the gutter
So new life can begin

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