Beast infiltrate the temple
Make everyone believe
He is the way to everlasting life
Slight of hand and twist of fate

Lies preached as truth
Spoken with eloquence
Words we all long to hear
Deep within our heart

He talk of peace and love
As if he were the king
Just a little off center
But the people will still believe

No one question his authority
No one ask for credentials
People took it as gospel
He knew what he was doing

Dragged the people to suffering
Dragged them into pain
Told them all it was how it was done
To get the people out of the rain

Never one to compromise
In what he was going to do
Drag them all straight to hell
Just to cause the Father some pain

Preached a new philosophy
After he had them in
Do whatever you want to do
Nothing here’s a sin

People fell into step
With the way things were
Thinking they would go to heaven
Yeah, they were oh so sure

Should have seen their eyes
Should have heard their cries
When they found themselves in hell
Yes, they were all taken by surprise

So listen very carefully
To the words spoken today
Some lead to heaven
Some to hell everyday


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