There are things
I don’t understand
Why some people live
And the innocent die–/

Where pain and death
Are a daily ride
For children and women
Who deserve a good life–/

And I just stand here
And wonder why
When all the good
Seems to all have died–/

We wander in circles
Looking for the answer
Instead of gathering wise men
And searching the heavens–/

Who among us has given his life
That the poorest may live
A good and proper life–/

Who would be willing
Who would understand
Love conquers all
Even the hate
In this land


Beast infiltrate the temple
Make everyone believe
He is the way to everlasting life
Slight of hand and twist of fate

Lies preached as truth
Spoken with eloquence
Words we all long to hear
Deep within our heart

He talk of peace and love
As if he were the king
Just a little off center
But the people will still believe

No one question his authority
No one ask for credentials
People took it as gospel
He knew what he was doing

Dragged the people to suffering
Dragged them into pain
Told them all it was how it was done
To get the people out of the rain

Never one to compromise
In what he was going to do
Drag them all straight to hell
Just to cause the Father some pain

Preached a new philosophy
After he had them in
Do whatever you want to do
Nothing here’s a sin

People fell into step
With the way things were
Thinking they would go to heaven
Yeah, they were oh so sure

Should have seen their eyes
Should have heard their cries
When they found themselves in hell
Yes, they were all taken by surprise

So listen very carefully
To the words spoken today
Some lead to heaven
Some to hell everyday


And I live
I live
I live
Out here in the wastelands

Where the time
The time
My time
It is no longer mine

And I wrestle with my future
And all I could become
Wrestle with my past
And all I’ve overcome

And the haunting sounds of sin
Ringing in my ears
Telling me of time to come
And all the wasted years

Whisper in the garden
Speak into my soul
Speak the truth unguarded
Into this blackened hole

And I find myself seeking
A truth I do not know
Of how it came to pass
And how my life is just for show

Shocked into being
Torn from the past
But will I be a better man
With a legacy that lasts

And I live
I live
I live
In the Promised land

Where the time
The time
My time
Is only in His hands

What We Need

The streets of gold we long to see
Are now paved with broken dreams
This paradise, heaven on earth
Has become a land of silent screams
People who once chased their dreams
Have become lost, a zombie scene
Drifting their way through life
Never to see the afterlife

Day by day they disappear
One by one its all so clear
The path we’re on is overgrown
Choked by sin, what have we become
People disillusioned by loss, by lust
Forgot what it means to know and trust
Their hearts are broken everyday
Then taped together for another day

Pieces of their hearts falling
By the wayside of the path they’re on
Emptiness fills the emptiness
Filling them with nothingness
Like children without a father
Like parents who’ve lost their daughter
Their is a pain and sorrow
That can’t be healed, can’t be filled with dust

No one can recall the feeling of love
What it means to be wanted, held
Hearts cry for that something
That they’ve never heard of
Point them in the right direction
Give them the extra attention
Pour out the love they want, they need
Before it’s too late

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