A New Life

Heart and soul in your hands
Just to have you with me
We’d be holding hands
Living a life
Of prosperity

But you’re dragging my life
Through the dirt and rocks
Making my life
One everyone mocks
Taking advantage
Of all that you can
That is why
I’m not your kind of man

And all I want
Is a beautiful life
One without shame
A wonderful life
But you say
You won’t be my wife
Laugh in my face
I can’t get anything right

And I struggle to find
The words to say
Expressions of love
To keep you from going away
And I fall to my knees
And I beg you to stay
But you go to your friends
And I can hear you say

He’s a nice guy
But it just ain’t right
Not enough money
And he don’t look right
Maybe if he were richer
I’d give him a chance
But the way things are
…..Not a chance

So I go about my day
Doing all I can
To make myself
A better man
But you don’t care
And you don’t see
The effort I put out
To be a better me

So you walk away
Never give me a chance
Just laugh with your friends
At the local dance
Make fun of me
Every chance you get
But don’t look now
I’m gonna take that bet

I’m a better man
Than you deserve
Just sit back now
As I get my nerve
To tell you how
I feel right now
About all your talk
That you’re a heel

I’m gonna make something
Of myself today
Just listen to my sound
As you walk away
Never been one
To brag on myself
But you missed out
With your selfish doubt

I’m a bigger man
Than you can understand
Cuz I’m not telling you
Exactly where you stand
My moms done told me
Not to speak that way
But understand this
Before you leave today

I’ll hold my head up
And make my way
Through this life
You tried to wreck today
I will achieve
My dreams’ll come true
But not today
And not with you

I like who I am
When you’re not around
So go back home
And crawl under ground
Take that jive talking
Way you have
Back to the gutter
Where you misbehave

Times are tough
But I’ll pull through
Just like now
I’m done with you
No more listening
To all your lies
I’m gonna watch the heavens
I’m gonna look to the skies

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