No matter how discolored or hate filled,
Is still our history:
It is only a heavy burden,
If we choose to not rise above it:

Removing or rewriting history,
Does not change history:
Only an attitude to teach,
Only an attitude to learn,
Will bring us to a place of peace and reconciliation:

Destroying public property,
Violating public monuments,
Will not bring about a sense of justice or healing:

Our history is unique to us,
No other country has a history like ours:
Overcoming adversity,
Overcoming hate,
Overcoming prejudice:
These are things to be proud of,
These are things to be thankful for:

Destroying our history,
And those objects that describe it,
Shows a lack of vision,
To see the good that has been victorious,
Over the evil that came before it:

Whoever destroys,
Does not build up:
Whoever hates,
Does not love:

Who are we to write over
The words and deeds of the men and women
Who came before us:
Who are we to say,
Sweep it all under the rug,
And say it doesn’t exist:

A monument can be a symbol
Of what needs to be learned,
Not what needs destroyed:
Of what needs to be taught,
Before we succumb
To repeat the same history,
That brought us to where we
Are today:

If I love again

If I love again
Will you love me too
Will you take me in your arms
And be true to me

If I open my heart
Will you treat it right
Will you be gentle as a lamb
With me every night

My heart has been broken
And made a fool of
Taken for granted
Because you could
Oh forgive me my sins
As I forgive you
That we
May be whole

If I tell you my secrets
And whisper in your ear
Will you hold my words
Like they were dear

If I invite you in
And make you a home
A place of refuge
Will you be kind to me

And he works all summer

And he works all summer
For his stash of nuts
So that he can survive
Until the spring arrives
Never mind the grass
Or the flowers you see
Just make it back home
To the family tree

He hustles and hurries
Running around
Looking for the nuts
In the trees or on the ground
He brings them home
And puts them away
Does this all the time
Every night and day

Teaching the kids
What it means to survive
Got to be quick
To make it out alive
Living in the trees
Is the safest place to be
Away from the predators
And from you and me

He builds a safe place
To live throughout the year
Cozy little nest
For his family so dear
He never seems to rest
Always working so hard
Never time to play
In the creek or the yard

So, what am I doing
In this life of mine
Am I planning for the future
Or a day ahead
Am I thinking of tomorrow
And what it holds
What needs to be done
Words spoken bold

The liquidation,

The liquidation,
Of our sovereign nation,
At the hands of an evil man;
Has begun in earnest,
With civil unrest,
And the defiance of man;
Who will call renewal,
Who will add fuel,
To the fires in our hearts;
Draw us to purity,
Draw us to security,
In the hands of the Lord;
Let us be humble,
Let us not grumble,
About the task at hand;
Pray for peace,
To cure our disease,
Before it’s too late;
That we may say,
That all may know,
This is GOD’S land;

Why is it that we are directed to find the

Why is it that we are directed to find the answers in any other book than the Bible? Why is it we are directed to look anywhere else but to Christ? How is it that a man has all the answers we need, but not GOD? Why not show us how to see GOD better? Why not show us how to have a better relationship with Him? Why isn’t the bible the best teaching tool to use ?

With the sun shining down

With the sun shining down
Like the glow from a nuclear pool
I’ve lost my path, can’t see my way
Past the nose here on my face

I’ve been tossed to the side
Of a road I do not know
The heat overwhelming
The thoughts on my brain

No traveler to accompany me
No voice to break the silence
All alone in the desert
Like a cactus on a silent Hill

Swimming in a pool
Of nuclear waste
I find myself
Drifting away

Rods of plutonium
Surround my very being
Give me thoughts of darkness
No more light shall I see

Mushroom cloud overhead
Blocking out the light
Concussive sound
Deafens my already tired ears

Who is the creator
Of this chilling thing
Who thought it necessary
To imagine such a thing

Giant of darkness
Looming in my sky
No more peace shall I know
In the time before me

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