Do We Understand Love?

We call ourselves a modern society,
Above all the rudiments of yore;
And yet we still find ourselves
Repeating those past woes we swore to never do again;

We swore to be gentlemen,
Yet are cruel and unkind to our neighbors;
We swore to love each other better,
Yet the homeless and destitute still roam the streets;

We swore off doing as the Romans did in the past,
And yet, we still have Coliseums,
Where men fight each other for sport,
And men repeat battles won and lost before;

We swore not to degrade women,
And yet we pay them for things not spoken of in kind society;
And are we a kind society,
With the state we’re in?

Who is the one who dictates,
What is right and wrong in society;
What is acceptable and true,
And what is not allowed;

Have we given free reign
To the underbelly we dare not show;
Have we become,
That which we hate;

Have we given ourselves over
To sins of the flesh,
Where flesh is loved,
But love is despised?

Do we even understand,
What love is anymore?

Big Wreck

I’m a big wreck
With my sin and disease
I’m a big wreck
Should be down on my knees
Never been one not to give it my all
I’m a big wreck
Whenever I fall

Living my life
Chasing after sin
Thought it was big fun
So where do I begin
Wasn’t anything that
I wouldn’t do
But I found the ones
That would most likely do

To bring about death
And darkness abound
Keep me buried
Deep in the ground
No light shining
On my path
No barriers between
Me and Your wrath

I never did worry
About my soul
Never thought twice
Which way I would go
Now all that’s changed
And I’m a new man
And now I’m living
The best that I can

But sometimes
My best ain’t enough
And the path I have chosen
Sometimes it’s rough
But I know
That there is a plan
If I just hang on
Just hang tough

I’m a big wreck
Even down on my knees
I’m a big wreck
Oh GOD help me please
Never been good at coming to you
I’m a big wreck
Show me what I should do

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