The news is spreading
Fear and disease
Saying it’s the commies
We should bring to their knees

They’re the ones who undermine us
Causing so many of our new problems
Corruption, slander hacking- please!
Who else would want certain people elected

Propaganda is their stock in trade
Keep from the world, Jesus Saves
Keep us all in huddled masses
And we won’t know the truth until it zooms right past us

Shout it from the rooftops
It must be the truth
Hidden innuendos in every word
Will we find out before it’s too late

We have a man to preach to the core
They’ll come and cry for change in this world
They’ll cut down all disbelievers they see
And say they should be eliminated

Midas touch on every word
Silver tongued fox, it’s not absurd
Division is the new United Front
Shout us down every time we go out

Newsman preaching lies and deceit
Pound it down our throats till we can barely breath
We choke on every word we receive
Because we’ve seen the cause of this here disease

Political lies are told every day
To make the people believe
It’s the American way
Lie and deceive, cheat and steal
Only in it for the money
And the art of the deal

Who is the real man
Not a puppet on a string
Who really understands us
Knows of our being

Knows and understands
Our wants and our needs
Give the power back
To the people on the streets

What Matters

She talked about the weather
And how it ruined her hair
She talked about pollution
And how it choked the air
She talked about the waiter
How bad the service was
How many times he walked on by
Ignoring her standing there

She talked a mile a minute
Unaware of anyone else
Never letting them think or speak
But she would talk of nothing else
But things that didn’t matter
That didn’t need our time
That I would never have thought of
Let alone make them rhyme

We were finally seated
At a table like the rest
But she was not happy there
She was an ill contented guest
She called out to the waiter
Said this wouldn’t do
It’s much, much too noisy sitting here
Between the kitchen and the loo

The waiter replied kindly
There is no place else
Unless you want to wait a day
Or go someplace else
Please don’t think me rude
I’m as busy as can be
If there were other tables free
I would have sat there myself

He winked at me in knowing
And gave menus to us both
I smiled to myself
Because the truth it was not lost
She looked a little miffed
Was about to speak aloud
But was quickly distracted
By a jostling of the crowd

People shouted in anger
Glass crashed to the ground
The waiter shook his head
And said with a frown
If it wasn’t for the breakage
I’d turn a profit fair
If it wasn’t for the tips
I’d leave this whole affair

After the hullabaloo
She returned to her form
Started on the next subject
Just like a summer storm
I listened and sat quietly
As she talked of nothing else
But this and that and those and these
And the clothes on someone else

Jupiter And Mars

Jupiter and Mars
Racing through the sky
Stars in the night
Right before my eyes
Travel across the galaxy
See the Planets rise
Asteroids and meteors
Meet in heavens sight

Tripping ‘cross the universe
Going place to place
Seeing all that I can see
‘Fore the end of the race
Spaceship my vehicle
Stars my map to guide
Many roads I have travelled
Across the sky so wide

Galaxies I’ve seen
If only from a distance
Light shining bright
Twinkle, wink and dance
Bigger than imagination
Far as mind can reach
Closer than expected
Like a sandy beach

Will our exploration
Discover newer worlds
Are we only dreaming
Chasing fools gold
New discoveries
Pushing us onward
To take that next step
Dream forever skyward

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