Shadows And Light

We’ll burn the flag
Of your wretched nation
Trample the symbol
Of your identity

Besmirch the colors
You hold so dear
And preach against
Your ideology

We’ll call you radicals
For what you believe
As we plunder and pillage
This democracy

We’ll bring down in ruins
This once mighty state
As we bring forth our agenda
Against all that we hate

We despise the deity
You call your GOD
Who brings you blessings
And cursed our fate

We’ll point the blame
For all that is wrong
Back onto you
The innocent throng

Go ahead
Speak the truth
We’ll blind the people
With falsehood and untruths

Keep you so busy
That you’ll never see
The devil coming
In this his victory

We’ll bring violence and wrath
To a new generation
Who look in the dark
For all that will save them

Their salvation is lost
Because of untruth
Spoken in whispers
In dark quiet booths

Your children are offered
Up to our gods
As symbols of obedience
On this pile of sod

We cheer and we yell
For every last one
Whose life is now perished
On the alter of sin

We’ve killed your new preachers
And men of the cloth
So we might see darkness
Invade at all costs

No more shall you hear
Of the word that’s alive
Given to all
To bring forth new life

We’ll cheat and we’ll steal
To make it come true
So that vengeance and darkness
Will come after you

Challenge us all
Pfft, please, if you dare
We are the true champions
Of this rarified air

We’ve sacrificed many
On our alter of hate
To bring forth our glory
On this given date

We’ll pay it all
No matter the cost
To bring down both heaven and earth
On the heads of the lost

We here in hell
Have only one master
To rule us all
Through this here disaster

We bow at his throne
We give fealty
As the flames rise higher
In our fervency

Wasteland upon wasteland
Is all you will see
Is what we’ll bring about
To your beloved country

Rubble and stone
Dust and smog
We’ll choke your lungs
And hide your GOD

We’ll smite your virtue
And cut out your pride
Make a meal on your table
In your home we’ll abide

Go ahead and pray
We’re not afraid
For now is the time
To put hell on parade

The chosen few
Have been put into place
Our plan is in motion
To pit race against race

Choose wisely the side
You want to be on
For the choice it will last
To hell and beyond


Duel on the glade at sunrise
Standing in the early shade;
Two men of opposition
Faced the other with a blade;
Seconds at their sides
Giving last advice;
Bucking up the skills
To help save a life;

Men of little skill
Need not show a face;
For here is where eternity
Is eagerly embraced;
A disagreement
Of little significance;
Will likely shed the blood
Of the least skilled in defense;

Men taking center stage
Backs to the other;
Sun shining on a new day
Brother against brother;
Five paces out
Turn and start a war;
Last man standing wins
Regardless of who you are;

A thrust deeply felt
And one falls to the ground;
Listen to the breeze blow
Hardly any other sound;
The second comes to aid
But knows it all for naught;
Lessons learned don’t come cheap
All lessons must be bought;

He takes the news to family
Wailing can be heard;
Such a young life wasted
Short days on this Earth;
A young lady inconsolable
Lies upon her bed;
Tears won’t go away
Wishes she was dead;

Her mother tries to calm
A broken heart inside;
But we all know, only time will show
The piece that died inside;
She stays away for days
Her friends all drop by;
But none can see, Penelope
Until she starts to rise;

She moves thru life so slow
As if in a fog;
Sea of pain, storm of rain
Wind won’t wash away the grog;
She feels herself in a trance
Sees all but nothing too;
Days pass by, no reason why
Just like most things do;

Now, Penelope will survive
Though not as before;
We all will change, our life rearrange
From experiences of love and pain;
Remember all you’ve loved
Before they’re gone too soon;
Time has a way, of passing the day
Turning morning into noon;

Special Agent Man

With a little-
Here’s looking at you kid;
You’ll never guess what I did;
Conquered the world-
With a little bravado and some charm;
Chased away the bad guys-
Beat the commies and the spies;
Bought a ticket to the moon-
All with a smile on his face;

More special than an agent, man-
Cooler than James Bond, man;
Able to get the job done-
And sweeping the ladies off their feet;
Looking good in a tux and tie-
Always keeping a watchful eye;
Never one for falling down-
He always lands on his feet;

Mr Too Good To Be True, man-
How do I compete with you, man;
When all I have-
Is just enough to get by;

And so, the phone never rings-
As she sits quietly and screams;
For a prince that never comes-
To take her away;
And inside she dies-
A little as she cries;
For a chance to start-
Her life anew;

Flawed System

We will build ourselves a system,
With parties on both sides;
Say we represent everyone,
While encouraging their boastful pride;
Cry out for justice,
Say we represent the lost;
Keeping from the people,
The truth of what it cost;

Pit the sides against each other,
Saying everyone is right;
We know what we are doing,
We will lead you to the light;
We will make laws to enslave,
While we ignore their pleas;
Creating a chasm between them,
As we groom their disbelief;

We will divide the nation they love,
Destroy their system in battle;
Abolish all their laws,
And turn them into cattle;
Put a ring thru their noses,
A yoke around their necks;
Lead them to destruction,
By the very ring in their noses;

Erode their close held freedoms,
One at a time;
Slowly and deliberately,
So as to sneak on by;
And when the time is right,
We will pull the rug from under;
Sit back and watch,
As their lives are slowly plundered;

We will jail the ones who lead,
And speak against our ways;
Execute the next generation,
And watch them on parade;
We will rule with an iron fist,
Make laws they cannot follow;
Enslave them all eagerly,
Make the truth ring hollow;

We will watch from our castles,
Because we rule the way;
Rising above it all,
Saying this is our day;
No more shall we be held down,
By the peasantry;
We the true kings,
Shall finally have our day;

We will speak against their lords,
Blaspheme all they hold dear;
Raise up new gods,
That the people may draw near;
We will teach them to worship,
These new unholy gods;
As their souls are washed away,
In the receding tide of years;

Turn them into empty vessels,
We can fill with our ways;
Turn them into automatons,
Who will do as we say;
They will preach our new gospel,
Spread it across the land;
Bringing forth a new day,
Here is where we make our stand;

Watch and see,
It will come to be,
In our lives this time;
Watch and see,
You and me,
What is our destiny;

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