Tied to the mast
In the middle of a storm
Noise so loud
It became the norm
Cried out to the Capt
But he never heard
The cry of the storm
Was the very last word

Waves washing over us
Sweeping everything away
Tossed and turned us
Every which way
Up was down
Left was right
Skies of blue
Now dark as the night

Storm raged for hours
Or so it felt
I prayed out to GOD
Having never before knelt
Asked Him to kill me
Put me out of this misery
Called out for reprieve
To be delivered and set free

The storm grew quiet
But it was still all I could see
Found the eye
Calm before the second course
Hurricane it was
Come to wipe us out
Better to have stayed at home
Than listen to it shout

Wails and screams arose
From where I do not know
From the lost on the ship
Or demons down below
We all were lost
None of us saved
Nary a Christian among us
To bring light ere this day

Then of a sudden
A light broke through
Just a glimmer
But I thought, that’ll do
The seas started to calm
The clouds too disappeared
Finally the sun shone down
Redemption finally appeared

The boat was torn apart
Barely able to float
But many were alive
More than we’re lost in the dark
The Capt and the first mate
We’re missing from the decks
So were half a dozen more
But we could still steer this wreck

We buried the ones left laying
Upon her wooden decks
Mustered up as best we could
A prayer for our necks
Thanked GOD for sparing us
For giving us another day
To make the most of what we had
In the midst of this day

We repaired the ship as best we could
Set sail for ports unknown
Hoping to find a way
To repair or replace all that had been lost
I became the Capt
Though hardly fit for it
But forward we must go
Not to look back for fear of it

We held services
Each and every night
Thanking GOD with song
For changing our plight
Our spirits lifted mightily
As we sailed each day
Sure we would make it home
To declare GOD made our way


And shall we dredge up the past
Keep track of each sin
And call to those worse than us;
Cast the first stone
Lest we feel alone
In our unrighteousness;

Shall we agree
That our hypocrisy
Is chief amongst our sins;
That the grace we were shown
Should be shared all around
That love and forgiveness should win;

Shall we agree
That without His grace
We would still be lost;
Buried in sin
Never to win
Or see heaven this side of the cross;

Who shall be just
And lend us a hug
When sin has dragged us down;
Lift up our head
Speak words that we dread
My son, why chase the dead;

It’s life I have given
When all else is gone
To return you to My home;
So all may be free
To live here for Me
For all eternity;


Will you be the one
To give my eulogy
To speak at the gravesite
For everyone to hear

Speak words of wisdom
Platitudes of love
But in the end
Speak the truth
For all of us need love

Dress in your Sunday best
In a suit and tie
Or come in summer dress
So no one else will cry

Chase away the shadows
Let darkness flee in fear
That all who come
To this place
May give a rousing cheer

Let them all be glad
I am finally at home
Giving thanks up in heaven
For all eternity

Tell them of the way
They may also come
Of the path to take
And world to forsake
And stuff to leave behind

Now I lay me down to rest
For all eternity
But all of you gathered here
Please weep not for me

I have found my happiness
Here I found my joy
Won’t you come and
Join me here
Every girl and boy

No more shall we be lost
No more shall we know fear
For in the end
Love will win
And conquer hate and sin


The clock struck midnight
But naught could I see
Darkness surround me
Under blackened skies
Stars away
On a blanket of black
Stars up in the sky
Never shall they lack

Blue skies shall not
Be a friend of mine
To much happiness
For my fragile mind
Cloud cover come
Hide the sun from me
Don’t let its beauty
Shine its face on me

Moon be my friend
Moon beam my guide
Always with me
Always by my side
Use my shadow
As your marionette
Let me be your puppet
On this parapet

Sadness my joy
Tears my laughter
Whisper the words
I long for this day
Hollow is the heart
Beating still
Where is rejoicing
Where is the thrill

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