A Mouse’s Life

And the mouse finds his sanctuary
Under hearth and home
Living a peaceful life
If never he did roam
But food and water
Are not easily found
When your living under boards
Or deep underground

So danger comes his way
When searching for food
Wether it be man or animal
He has no choice or say
He scurries to and fro
For safe passage to his home
Promises the wife and kids
He’ll be careful as he roams

And so he makes his way each day
Bringing food for the table
Doing all that he can
Provide as he is able
Teaches his children well
Of the dangers in the street
How to find their favorite foods
Especially that cheese

Old age is coming fast
He can’t outrun the cat
No more time to wait his turn
He’s getting slow and fat
He sends the children to retrieve
Food for their family
Hoping they’ll come back home
Hoping for relief

The cat is chasing the oldest one
Just about ready to pounce
The old mouse comes out today
Gonna give it every ounce
He runs out to the cat
And smacks him in the face
Letting his boy get home
Make it home warm and safe

The cat captures the mouse
And plays with him a bit
Knowing well and good this day
He’ll make a meal of it
The old mouse bows his head
Seeing the final play
Knowing in his heart today
He won’t be walking away

The boys peak outside a bit
And watch their fathers play
Knowing deep inside
That he’s going away
They watch the cat take him away
Never to be seen again
Sure the cat has made a meal
Of their father today

So as you go about your day
Remember the mouse that got away
His father gave his all that day
Chose a better life for his son
A sacrifice so great
One they’ll never forget
A fatal trap avoided
By a fathers sacrifice

The American Dream

I heard the voice of all who tried
Who fell and could not find
The hope of the American dream

It’s harder than it seems
With a government bursting at the seams
Fattened by their greed

They’ve crushed the ones who cared
The young and old who dared
Who came here for their dreams
When all else seemed so bleak

Portly and unwieldy
She totters to the edge
The government we thought
We could trust
Is now a dusty dowager Queen

The beauty she once held
The esteem bestowed on her
Is now nothing but a long forgotten dream

Her eyes no longer glisten
Or reflect the pale moonlight
The song that her heart once sang
Is now a long scream in the night

The challenge I find
In a process rife with crime
Is to find an honest man
To undo all the wrong this time

So pardon me if this seems mean
I’m here to lobby for our dreams
To crack the mould that once was set
Reshape honor from regret

To bring the pleas of the people
The longing of their heart
A stronger voice amongst the throng
Before all has been lost

So challenge the status quo
Plant the seeds that need be sown
For the future
In the midst of this time

Make strong the little trees
In the midst of the storm
That pound with wind and wave
Making stronger the youngest brave

The fields of our regret
Cast a wide unhealthy net
Over all we see and do

But a love not seen before
Brings us to a distant shore
And there we find a healing
We’ve been longing for

Big Ben

The man goes into battle
To protect his little town
Citizens and kinfolk
Come and gather ’round

They watch as one lone soul
Heads out into the fields
With a knife and a sword
And a well fashioned shield

He walks before his enemies
And eyes them one and all
Knowing in his mind
Each and every one of them will fall

He’s been blessed with a skill
Few have seen or have known
But all are glad for it
In this happy little town

He’ll cut himself a swath
A couple at a time
Knowing very soon
He’ll see the end of their line

Blood will be shed
Even some his own
But the enemy will die
The truth has been shown

He swings with a mighty furor
A roar for every blow
The enemy stands lax
Row upon row upon row

They fall by the wayside
And he hears a mighty cheer
The people of his city
Know victory is near

He is pushed on mightily
Strengthened by their cheer
The people he so loves
The ones he holds so dear

When all is said and done
The enemy is gone
His soul cries for blessing
His body, food and rest

The people come out slowly
To bury all who died
Most of them are solemn
Some even cry

But tomorrow they will sing
And dance with fervent joy
Glad they did survive
Deaths mighty sting

He slowly walks back to town
And makes his way home
There he sits upon a stool
Contemplating all he’s done

He rests his head upon his hands
And heaves a mighty sigh
Asking GOD for forgiveness
For each and every one who died

Little Susie stops and stares
Waiting for Big Ben
She knows when he is ready
Knows when he is done

She waits a moment more
Lightly on her feet
Comes up quietly to him
Crawls between his feet

She looks at his face
Resting in his hands
Looks into his face
And asks if he’s alright

Quietly he spoke

One is never just alright
Having done what I’ve done
But days will pass and seasons change
Before my time has passed

I will go on being me
Subtle changes barely seen
But some may know
And many more may see
I’m not who I used to be

War can change a man inside
Or man can change a war
But all who come, live or die
Are not like before

Susie my dear
Do you understand my words?
Are you old enough to understand
The ramblings of man?

I understand a little
But see much more still
Men and women come and go
But all will be buried
Under a hill

Wise are you daughter
Wiser still you may be
That all who come converse with you
Your wisdom they will see

She laughed at her nickname
But answered quite sincere
Yes Uncle Ben
Then kissed him by his ear

Would you like a hug
Now Uncle Ben
He said, everyone could use a hug
Every now and then

She squeezed him so tight
Like to never let him go
But he could feel the love
Deep inside him grow

Momma said to ask you
If you wanted supper soon
She has more than enough
If you’re of a mind to

Tell your mother for me
I’ll be there in a bit
Need to wash away
This filth, grime and grit

Susie crawled out
From between his feet
Hollared out goodbye
And ran down the street

Ben made his way to the basin
And washed himself clean
Changed into new clothes
Those fresh and clean

His sister had a quiet place
When he knocked upon her door
Susie came and answered it
Dragging Ben through the door

They sat at the table
Giving thanks for all they had
Glad for another day
Where home didn’t seem so bad

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