What is your choice

Do you ask for prosperity
For you or someone else
Do you live for others
Or only for yourself

Who do you serve
When the chips are down
Are you feeding the needy
And homeless in your town

Politics and choosing sides
Show pride but little else
Are the men you’re voting for
Paid by someone else

Many speak of unity
When speaking to the lost
But find themselves compromised
When they have to pay the cost

Challenge all who live and breathe
To lift a hand for charity
To save the lost and dying
In every land, every home, every city

Who will show them charity
Who will show them love
So they’ll be in heaven
And know HIS awesome love

Who will be a blessing
A gift of purest love
Bringing them from darkness
Into holy light

Change the pattern of regret
For a coat of white
To find yourself a narrow path
Until it all is right

Time it is changing
Growing shorter still
The end of everything you know
Is going to overthrow your will

So come to the promised land
With everlasting life
Walk this path hand in hand
Forgetting worry, hate and strife

I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew
What made you, you
I wish I knew
What it is that you do
To make my heart beat
Make my feet dance
Make me move
Like I’m in a trance

I wish
I wish I knew

Been here all these years
Never understood
Who I was
Or who I am in You
Time moves so slowly
When your feeling lost
Never been one
To count the cost

Done me some traveling
Seen some of the sights
Found most of it interesting
Even in bad lighting
Have I been where I should be
Am I going where you want
It’s not about what I want
It’s about who I should be

I wish I knew
How to tell you
I wish I had the words
To speak what’s on my heart
I wish I knew
What your passion was
What it is that makes you smile
What it is that I could do

I wish
I wish I knew



The King he stands upon the wall
And surveys all he sees
Proud of all that he has done
Of all that he could be

He passed laws of his ideals
Without consulting those who know
Never mind the consequences
Or you reap what you sow

He took away our rights
The people clapped with joy
Except for those who lost their rights
At those he laughed to annoy

He blinded them with brilliance
He blinded with deceit
He shone the light upon the throng
And watched as we all did weep

He chose a path that leads to ruin
He chose to steal from us all
Bankrupt our home, our nation
Sit back and watch it fall

He undermined authority
Disrupted capitol flow
Cut apart our armies
And left our borders unguarded
And unopposed

Chastised us for speaking out
Said it wasn’t politically correct
My right to stand and defend
Had become a national wreck

Our leaders do not lead
They follow, have become benign
So blind they missed opportunity
So blind they missed the sign


I come before you with respect
Because I know you all mean well
But watching here these last few years
It’s been so hard to tell

You bicker and you fight
You stand on party lines
Never mind what the people need
In these ever changing times

Partisan hypocrisy
Has reached its highest peak
Who will be the voice of reason
Who has the words to speak

Jobs need created
Money flowing in
Debt payed off quickly
Before we start to cave in

Have you become so disengaged
When the people are out of sight
That you no longer worry
What might be their plight

You’ve done us a disservice
You’ve done us immeasurable wrong
You’ve failed us all as leaders here
In what you have done

You do not have our full trust
To dictate or decree
The path that you’ve been walking here
Is not where we should be

Say I’m inexperienced
Say I hold no degree
But I know right from wrong
Unlike all the people here
All these leaders I do see


Living in a world
Of painted rainbows
Man made colors
On a shallow page

Two dimensional
Image fair
But it’s not enough
To save this age

Lost in
Our humanity
Too self focused
We cannot see

The life we need
Want and desire
Can only be found
When we look higher

Image in a mirror
Looking for what I cannot see
Lost the vision
Of who I am

Send in reinforcements
For recovery
Injury not likely seen
Because of following blindly

Open the eyes
To see the path
Before we incur
GODS holy wrath

Chain upon chain
Bound by sin
Someone knocking on the door
Won’t you let them in

No matter where
You live and die
It can all disappear
In the blink of an eye

Now is the time
The time is now
At the throne of GOD
We all must bow

Enter the Kingdom
In humility
With contrite heart
Down upon your knee

Let go of evil
Vanity and pride
To meet with GOD
On the other side

Many will come
Not all let in
Only one way
To receive His love

No other way
To find new life
So give your life
To Jesus Christ

I’ll Be Fine

Sippin’ my wine
On company time
Never got me anywhere

‘Cept the wrath
Of the company hack
And a pathway to the door

So here I am
Feelin’ down and out
‘Bout the state I’m in

My time has come
To leave again
With one foot out the door

No more pressure
To out perform
Around the clock again

I can see a way
To change my day
Before my time is through

So I’m
Taking my time
To make my way
To the promised land
To a place of sun
And ice cold tea
I’ll be livin’ easy again
Kickin’ back
On a sandy beach
Pretty girl on my hand

And I’ll be fine
Yeah, I’ll be fine

From rags to riches
No more diggin’ ditches
Wipe away the grime

Gonna trade my truck
For a glass bottomed boat
And cast me out a line

Cuz I’ve tossed my cares
To the great beyond
No more stress in my life

Gonna wear a straw hat
And the darkest shades
That you’ve ever seen

And I’m
Moving along
Like I know I should
To make my dreams come true
Got my bags packed
Flight checked in
Cold drink in my hand
And I’ll fly away
To a sunny place
Before the day is through

And I’ll be fine
Yeah, I’ll be fine

Jeremy Odd

Jeremy Odd
Took a job in the city
Said, look at that girl
Isn’t she pretty

I’ll find us a home
Make it just right
She’ll marry me
We’ll make a beautiful sight

Jeremy worked and worked
And worked so hard
To get himself
A union card

They said go away
‘Til you can pay them dues
There’s no slouching here
‘Til you’ve paid them dues

He hemmed and he hawed
‘Til he had a new plan
Said, that’s what I’ll do
I’ll be a company man

He went to college
And worked real hard
To get a diploma
A graduation card

He earned his degree
In diplomacy
Said I’ve found my way
To the new democracy

He married his girl
And they had themselves a child
But living in the city
Things got a little wild

He found himself a man
And a deal there was struck
They said they’d help each other
Change their luck

They planned and devised
A theory of their own
To change the little city
Into something new and grown

They lobbied and they won
Favor with the people
To change the laws that govern
To make sheep out of people

They made their way the law
So all would follow them
All the laws they did not want
Became illegal and a sin

They gave rallies in the square
And spoke in old museums
They even went into the factories
And told the unions, we don’t need them

They rose to great prominence
And people spoke their praise
But sheep couldn’t see the dark ahead
Or how they’d all been played

Jeremy and his friends
Robbed them of their lives
Took them for every dime
To disrupt the union guys

The people followed for years
Not seeing the road ahead
Of how they would crash and burn
When the bill came to a head

When they found out
Just how much was gone
They sat and wept for days
They sat and wept for so long

They cried out
How could this be
We voted for prosperity
Not this death for you and me

They went looking for their leaders
Who were never to be found
They had taken everything
That wasn’t nailed to the ground

The people now were poor
Looking for a way
To get their lives back in order
Before the winter rains

They looked to previous men
Who had led them so well
Asked them to lend a hand
They told them, go to hell

You didn’t want our help
Last you were in need
But listened to a tyrant
Who filled you all with greed

He took away your rights
And filled you all with glee
As you stood and stared
And your children bent their knee

If you need some help
Look amongst yourself
For there you will find your answers
Not here on a shelf

The people groaned in pain
And fell to their knees
Cried out to GOD
Oh won’t You help us please

The men laughed in spite
And said, should have gone their first
Should have called out to GOD
To quench that insatiable thirst

He is the one
Who could have fulfilled your need
If you hadn’t fallen for
A bad and rotten seed

Who among you has the smarts
Who among you has the brains
To raise this sunken ship
To ride the bounding main

I dare each and every one of you
To try this on your own
To make a whole vessel
Out of broken bones

The people were distraught
Because they knew he was right
This man, their former leader
They never took to be their knight

He said, I will help you
But do as I say
Follow the living GOD
Will you obey

The people cried in joy
Yes we will obey
Just fix the mess we’re in
On this the darkest day

The people prayed in earnest
For a change in their lives
To recoup all that they had lost
In their fleshly striving

It took them many years
To make the change indeed
But in the end they found a way
To give GOD their hearts in need

So let me here remind
As you go about your way
There are many paths through life
But, be sure you know your way

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