A Righted Ship

I am told by those
Who do not see,
That it’s not my place
To disagree,
That all I’ve learned and know,
Is like the driven snow,
And that they are the ones
In the know:

They raise a clamor
And berate,
Say they show love
While spewing hate,
Is it so hard for us to see,
We are surrounded by hypocrisy,
That the blind lead the blind
Into the sea:

Leaders of this world
Come and go,
Never understanding,
You reap what you sow,
And so they sell their policy,
Believing not in you and me,
But in the plan that they have
For you and me:

And so we find ourselves
In this mess,
Living out our lives
In duress,
We speak against the rocks,
While taking our hard knocks,
While our leaders sit and laugh
As our ship slowly sinks at the docks:

So, who amongst the people
Has the mind,
To right the sinking ship
Ere this time,
To set us upright and free,
A clear and fruitful path
For you and me,
To make us all
Sons and daughters of liberty:

There is only One
That I know,
We should hold on
And not let go,
That’s Christ in you and me,
That has the power to set us free,
All the captives on this earth
That we see:

Shadows of truth
Now seen in the light,
Shine upon the darkness
Dispelling with GOD’S might,
The lies of the enemy,
Set in motion against you and me,
So we may be children
Of the living GOD:

So, gather all your children
Here at your knee,
Tell them of all
You have seen,
Of the death on the cross,
Of the heartbreak and loss,
But in the end all the joy
Will wipe away our tears:

Shall I go on
Or do you see,
What it is
That sets us free,
The blood of Christ on our sins,
The love of GOD invited in,
To join us in
One big family.


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