Speak of life

Speak of life
Broken in two
Given for all
For me and for you
I know of a plan
To save humankind
To gather our souls
For now is the time

To raise up your hands
And proclaim to the skies
That we are the ones
To live and to die
For the Gospel of GOD
For our neighbors and friends
To share of the love
We’ve heard of and foretold

Sing of the love
And sing of the pain
Share of the Son
And bring on His reign
As time ticks away
And the passing of days
Will bring us new joy
For now is the day

To spread out our arms
And take into hand
The lost of this world
The lost of this land
To bring to our house
To find a new home
That we may all share
In the supper of love

Speak of the peace
We long to know
Speak of the joy
Get ready to go
To the land of the GOD
Who came to this Earth
Gave us new life
Our souls rebirth

My New Bride

I call out to
The one I love
In words she will know
I call out to
The one I love
To where our hearts may grow

I speak of my intentions
I speak of my desires
I speak of all the love inside
Like an all consuming fire

I gather up my harvest
Make my cupboards full
I make a home to call our own
Before the winters due

She comes to me with treasure
Buried in her heart
She comes to me with all she is
It has become her art

She knows the words I speak
She knows how deep my heart
She knows how much I care for her
To shine a light in the dark

She will be my bride
No one will take away
She will be my one true love
Until my dying day

Many do not understand
Many do not care
Many are those who pass on by
Without believing what I’ve dared

Her gown is perfect white
With lace and pearls in rows
But it pales here in comparison
Of just how much our love grows

When you see us walk on by
Don’t worry your own mind
I have worked to build her up
I have prayed to make her mine

Leonid Dobrovinsky

Leonid Dobrovinsky

Leonid Dobrovinsky
Was a man of simple means
Had himself some fancy shirts
And a couple pair of jeans

He worked a shift each day
And went home again at night
Sure there was more to do
Than could be kept in his sight

He found himself a home
And worked to keep it up
Found a few companions
Even found a pup

But tragedy came knocking
And woke ole Leonid up
Doctor said it was cancer
That he’d found some pollups

Leonid was sad
But certainly not out
Asked if they were operable
The doctor said no doubt

He went in for the procedure
And came out looking fine
The doctor said to change his ways
Before he ran out of time

Leonid went home
And evaluated his life
Ready to make the changes
Ready for a better life

His friends came by for help
To lend their support
Leonid was grateful
For such a great rapport

He changed the food he ate
And walked whenever he could
Did those things he liked
Did whatever made him feel good

A friend suggested going to church
To find a stable place
A larger group of people
To encourage him in his faith

He went to church on Sundays
And learned of a new GOD
One who was caring
Not stiff as a rod

He gave his life to GOD
And here was born again
Asked for forgiveness
For redemption from his sins

He grew to be a man of faith
Trusting in the Lord
Seeking Him on his face
And reading in His word

He lived unto a ripe old age
Until his bones gave out
Many of his friends came by
Of these there was no doubt

They spoke a brave eulogy
Filled with laughter and with tears
They told of all he overcame
Including all his fears

So speak a word for friends
For they are seeds indeed
To make us all better men
Than if we’d planted weeds

No longer me

Filled with fear,
Dread and remorse
But not enough
To change my course
The ship’s already
Left the port
I’ve been steered awry
By the deceiving sort

Tossed in circles
Madness abounds
Will I find again
Solid ground
Crashed in a wreck
I’m splintered and breached
I’ve lost my muchness
I’m no longer me


And the sadness I feel
And the heartache inside
Feels like it’s bursting
Pushing for the light

So how can I show
Without dragging you down
How can I share these words
Longing to reach out

And I
I can’t explain these thoughts
This turmoil I hide
And I
I can’t show you the darkness
That I try to hide
Inside of me
Inside of me

Who is the man inside
Longing to come out
The better person I desire
Living without doubt

Is there any happiness
Is there any joy
Is there a place inside this man
To heal this little boy

And my days
Are filled with thoughts of life
Filled with love without strife
And my days
Are filled with sounds of joy
Sounds of people living
Their days

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