Turn off this evidence
This truth I’ve seen in light
This path that I’m walking
Just don’t seem right

Discouragement a fault
Heard in my mind
When will I find
All I’ve left behind

Fathom a new beginning
Start on path made right
When will I exchange
This darkness for light

Call out for mercy
Call out for grace
But here I am again
Fallen on my face

Bruises and scars
Cover my skin
What used to be flesh
Now looks like sin

Grotesquery and shame
Seem my lot today
But what else is there
When all I’ve found today, is sin

Dream of a cleansing
Dream of a light
Make my life new
Turn darkness into light

Make Known

Trying to redeem myself
And failing once again
I fall upon the cobbled street
That scrapes away my skin

Wretched man I have become
Usurper to the throne
What I once saw as power
No longer holds off sin

So I tear away all I see
That holds me to this place
That left me here upon this ground
Bowed here in disgrace

And so I cry for mercy
And grace to be let in
To cleanse me from this awful stench
That clouds my fragile mind

Give praise and praise and praise again
That where praise is due
I’ve seen the temple from afar
Ever since my youth

It gleams and shines in purity
No blemish is in site
Oh, that I could see it all
Before the end is nigh

Shall I tell of all I know
Or all that I have seen
Really that won’t take too long
For me time is short

Gather round and listen close
You know the time is now
When will you decide or choose
Who will be your guide

Emperor here on Earth
Or King on Heavens Throne
I know which one I have known
Which will you make known


Time has grown more distant
Become less a friend of mine
Chases after all I touch
Crouches for my mind

Calls me old before my time
Says I’ll bend my knee
Now before him soon enough
Even though I disagree

Time says he’s the ruler
Of all I know and see
All the things that I hold dear
Will soon be gone from me

I walk along an aged man
Part of humanity
Who will come and lend a hand
Before I have grown old

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