Is there more to this life
Than living day to day
More to who we are
Than the words we hear or say
More of who we are inside
Instead of just our looks
Gained by wisdom from above
Not written in any books
Pages blow away in the wind
Then become like sand
Never to speak another word
To the living soul of man
If everything turn to dust
Before the end of time
How will we tell
What’s his and hers, theirs, yours and mine


Put your hand on my heart
Feel it beat for you
Gold and silver I have none
But what riches I have
Are yours

Time and love
Are the treasures
That I have in store
Are the riches
In my hands

Oh that I could give you more
All the gold pulled from the ground
Jewels and mansions
Incense and tapestries
But oh
None do I have

Can you hear the heartfelt words
The love and sacrifice
All that I can give
To you in this life
Is yours

A family of love
Kindness at every turn
Joy and happiness
I will do all that I can
For you

I’m going away

I’m going away
I’m leaving today
My heart is with you
In all that you do

Hear my heart beat
In the words I speak
Hear the love and peace
I leave with you

Feel me touch
Your innermost
A place inside
No other knows

Remember me
In your being
My spirit dwells within
These mortal walls

My time is soon
My path is laid
But I will return
To this open gate

Live your life
On a certain path
That all may know
I gave my life

Let the truth be known
In every city and town
Let the mountains echo
Of my renown

Give all glory to GOD
That he might raise you up
Let His praises rain
And renew all life

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