Who Am I

Went away to boarding school
To be somebody new
Never saw my family much
Never thought that it was cool

Grew to be a solitary man
Lived a life I chose
Made my life as best I can
But is it who I am

And so I work and so I play
Do things my own way
Come and go as I please
Never by your leave

So am I fit to be a man
That deserves a place with you
To love and share, hearts desire
And all that we can do

Who am I in your life
Who am I to us
Who am I in this life
Will it all go bust

And so I stay on this path
Never to be seen
By those who know and those who care
If I ever live my dream

Who am I 
In this life
Who am I 
Who am I


Three black hats
And three black hearts
Weave together
To tear us apart

Miss the light
And miss the day
Darkness surround
Whichever way

Three half shells
And one blind man
Deceive and sway
Whenever they can

Speak a lie
And speak it well
As often as
Time will allow

Run the course
Straight and narrow
See the time
Flee as arrows

More to gain
And more to lose
Now is the time
For all good news

Love for all
And peace within
Forgiveness for
Every sin

Who shall come
And who shall stay
Until we reach
That final day

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