The liquidation,
Of our sovereign nation,
At the hands of an evil man;
Has begun in earnest,
With civil unrest,
And the defiance of man;
Who will call renewal,
Who will add fuel,
To the fires in our hearts;
Draw us to purity,
Draw us to security,
In the hands of the Lord;
Let us be humble,
Let us not grumble,
About the task at hand;
Pray for peace,
To cure our disease,
Before it’s too late;
That we may say,
That all may know,
This is GOD’S land;


If I love again
Will you love me too
Will you take me in your arms
And be true to me

If I open my heart
Will you treat it right
Will you be gentle as a lamb
With me every night

My heart has been broken
And made a fool
Taken for granted
Because you could
Oh forgive me my sins
As I forgive you
That we
May be whole

If I tell you my secrets
And whisper in your ear
Will you hold my words
Like they were dear

If I invite you in
And make you a home
A place of refuge
Will you be kind to me

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