May I be a fountain
A joy to your heart
A light to your life
When you are in need

When you are lost
And can’t find your way
May you always find me
Where pearls may be found
Where pearls may be found

Wisdom and grace
Mercy and love
Healing and forgiveness
This and more I desire

Charity in trouble
Vision in the dark
More of You
And less of me
Come and be my spark

Ignite a burning passion
Light a fire in me
Come and make me holy
Til only you I see

When you are lonely
And darkness all you see
May you always find me
Where pearls may be found
Where pearls may be found

Pearls of wisdom
Pearls of joy
Pearls of happiness
For every girl and boy
For every girl and boy

Dreams of Future Visions

My dreams were
Chosen for me
By a leader
Unknown to me

He said I could be
Anything I could be
As long as it was
On the list in front of me

He said to pick early
Because they went so very fast
Better to choose now
Never know which will last

I looked at the list
And watched it disappear
Just like smoke in the wind
As the master stood and grinned

I pointed to one on the list
Not sure at first
Just what i had done

His smile grew even bigger
If that was possible
He told me I had done well
Some never make the choice

I asked what I had chosen
Didn’t look in my haste
He said, why the best job of all
Cleaning up the waste left by those who’d gone before

I looked down in despair
Waiting for the telltale chuckle
But he was serious

Said, boy, better buckle down
There’s a mighty pile of debris
Just waiting for you today

Each day will bring new piles
And what you don’t get done today
Will be in the pile tomorrow

Now don’t be alarmed
It’s not all that bad
There are many who will be helping
Tho some may seem mighty sad

Now there are guards posted around
Just to make sure you arrive
Make sure you work
But you’ll barely survive

They will beat you for infractions
They will beat you for complaints
They will make your life hell
So be sure to give thanks

Now, don’t look so sad
You are not alone
I will be in to check on you
See what needs to be done

Just remember this one thing,
I don’t take no crap from anyone
I get the job done
I make sure my boss is happy
Just as you should, son

I stared in disbelief
Couldn’t believe my ears
What did I get into?
And this will last for years?

How did I end up here?
How did I get so lost?
What was my crime
That I’d have to pay this cost?

He showed me to the door
Said Abel will take you away
Take you to the mines
So do as he says

I mumbled a reply
Not even sure what myself
Went through the door
Found myself in a darkened place

Abel took me to my task
And yelled, get to work boy
Make me a happy camper
And your life won’t be hell

He laughed at his joke
Like it was brand new
Not some tired old joke
Been around since the Earth was new

Cart after cart
Was on a track to carry away
All the garbage here before me
Each and every day

I leaned into my work
Like it was all that I had
As if the better I was
Would wipe away what made me sad

I worked and worked and worked
Never seeing any change
The pile here before me
Never once changed in size

Abel beat me mercilessly
And told me to hurry up
Said I was the worst he’d ever seen
C’mon, boy, pick it up

Every day the boss came to see me
To get more work out of me
But all the beatings all the humiliation
Never got him more work from me

I never had it so bad
In all my living days
They tortured my soul
Each and every day

My skin was torn and tattered
My muscles hurt like hell
Just as they promised
From bell to bell

No sleep for me
Cuz you know the old saying
No sleep for the wicked
In this hell chosen for me

I was looking forward to death
But Abel said no way
Go ahead and hold your breath
You are here to stay

You are in my house
So do what I say
No reprieve or relaxing
On this pile of dung

I kept on working
Until I could work no more
Fell to the ground
And worked from there some more

I was so tired I started seeing things
Mirages appeared before me
Saw water all around
And food for me to eat

Just when it couldn’t get any worse
I saw a bed for me to sleep in
Sitting near the wall
Calling out my name

I looked around
To see if the coast was clear
Abel was on his break
No one was near

I crawled over to the bed
And found that it was real
Climbed upon the softest mattress
I’d ever laid upon

Fell asleep instantly
Was transported away
From all this hell and misery
To a place most sublime

Felt like I’d slept for years
When I awoke in a room
Much different
Than before

I looked around at my surroundings
And liked what I saw
A beautiful room with furniture of old
And paintings on the walls

A doorman came in to check on me
Just as I climbed out of bed
He asked if I’d slept well
After such a long journey

I asked him what he meant
For I’d no idea of a journey
He said that I’d had a fever
And been in bed for three days

His master asked him to watch over me
For it was unusual to see me this way

My fever had been very high
I’d talked in my sleep
He said there were no secrets
That I could ever keep

He said you talked of many things
Of actions unheard by man
Of conversations with demons
And slavery most unkind

I dropped my head with a sigh
Glad to hear my hell
Put to rest and laid to waste

I told him it seemed so real
Like a life gone to hell
He said surely you could tell
That it was all so unreal?

I told him no
It seemed so real to me
That hell was my place
All that I’d ever see

A nightmare so real
A torture so unkind
That for a time
I thought I’d lost my mind

He said put on these clothes
And follow me
My Master will be so happy
To see you among the living

I followed him to another room
Filled with many things
He introduced me to his master
And went on his way

I was a little nervous
Thinking I was still asleep
GOD was here before me
Looking in my eyes so deep

He asked me to sit
And make myself comfortable
Said He was glad to see me
Up and moving around

I thanked Him
For all that He had done
Though I was unsure
Of what He’d done for me

He said I had contracted a virus
New and unusual for a man
Made me sicker than He’d expected
Though the doctors did the best that they can

I had been in a fever
In a very bad state
Fighting for my life
Though diminishing at a rapid rate

I had died at the hospital
And been taken away
Those nightmares you experienced
Were the three days you laid in wait

I asked Him if my family was OK
He said they’d be fine
If unhappy for a few days

I asked if it was unusual
To dream the dreams that I did
He said yes, but you are not ordinary
Or plain in your ways

You have a vision
A gift to see things differently
To see the possibility
Of how things might have been

You got a glimpse into a hell
That most people won’t ever see
That most would avoid at any cost
If they just knew how

But I have a plan
I have a way to save them all
But only if they’ll listen
And hear My heartfelt call

Now listen carefully
With your heart and with your mind

My Son came to Earth
And lived among man
He saw how troubled they were
And gave His life for theirs

He died upon a cross
A brutal crucifixion
Was buried in the ground
And rose again on the third day

I want you to tell the people
These words I say to you
That they might be set free
From their pain and misery

Now I’m sending you back
To that life you once lived
To live a better life
For all the people you see

Tell them all that you have seen
And again what you have heard
That they might know the truth
About heaven and hell

He called David into the room
And told him of my task
Said to go with me
And answer all the questions I might ask

I looked quizzically at GOD
And asked, you mean back to Earth?

He said yes
For its no easy task that I lay before you
No simple plan to put in place

You will need all the help you can get
All the prayer you can offer up
To bring about the change
That needs to take place

I thanked Him profusely
For all that He had done
Gave Him a hug
Before I walked away

I followed David out
As we went upon our way
Asked if he’d ever done this before
Been a coach to a man so unrefined

He said no, but he’d been training for a millenia
He said we’d be fine
Just to remember one thing
None of this is possible
Without the love of GOD

We walked to the end of a long hall
That opened upon the sky
David said we must step off
Before we can meet on the other side

You will go back to the hospital
Surrounded by family and friends
I will be there to meet you
When the crowd around you thins

You will recognize me
Though my appearance will have changed
I will be your man at arms as it were
For the rest of your days

He asked if I was ready
To go ahead and take the jump
I said no time like the present
And stepped off the floor

I awoke in a bed at the hospital
With tubes  and lines stuck in me
I turned my head a little
To see who was sitting next to me

There was my family
Just as I was told
Though they all looked strained
As if fear had taken hold

They brightened measurably
At the movement they had seen
Called out to the doctor
To come check on me

The doctor rushed in quietly
To check on my vitals
To find out if it could truly be
That I was finally awake

When he was done
He told me to rest
He said he’d get me some real food
If he had to cook it himself

I nodded weakly
And off he went
To find a nurse available
To bring me something to eat

My family gathered around
Glad to see me awake
Asking me many questions
Looking for answers to calm their fears

I told them I would tell them
All that I knew
When I was just a little stronger
When I felt more like new

I asked if there was anyone new
Anyone to see me here
They said a man came asking for me
But were unsure if he was still here

I told them if he was still here
To send him in to see me
But until that time
Would like to rest and gather strength

They said they understood
They said they’d give me some space
Just glad that I returned to them

I fell asleep and rested
Before they’d even left
Felt like a weight
Had been lifted from my chest

I awoke to find food and company
A nurse was there to help me
Make sure I ate all my peas
And help with any needs

She said there was a man here to see me
Should I send him away
I said no, he will be the man I
Need to see

She said to take it easy
It was still my first day awake
She took away the dishes
And said she’d send him in

I waited patiently
Knowing that David would soon arrive
That before too long now
We would soon begin our drive

He walked in
Looking only slightly different
Modern looking wardrobe
And briefcase in hand

He said we have much to talk about
Much to review
GOD has made provisions for us
To carry out His plan

We talked into the night
Praying and seeking wisdom
Praying we’d see the vision
Just as GOD had planned

David left and went away
Said he’d be back
Early the next day

I went to sleep peacefully
And rested well that night
For early was the morning
The vision brought to our sight
We preached the gospel
Wherever we were at
We walked the narrow path
That GOD planned for us

So if you see us walking by
Be sure to stop and have a chat
We will tell you all we know
About Jesus and His Father in heaven

Blessed be all who hear
Blessed be all who see
Blessed be all who accept
That Jesus Christ is Lord

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