Built myself an idol,
And polished it up smooth;
Told myself to worship it,
All through my youth;

And the time that I spent,
And the words I did speak;
Tore through my insides,
And showed where I was weak;

And now that I’m older,
And see what I have done;
Will I be a wise man,
And repent what I have done;

So I tear down my idols,
And I build them up again;
Cry out for mercy,
Every time that I sin;

And the circles make me dizzy,
And fill my heart with grief;
But all that I am looking for,
Is to not feel like a thief;

The love that I desire,
Is close enough to touch;
With my hands outstretched,
It’s still just out of reach;

And so I take my days,
And do the best I can;
Trying to remember,
What it is to be a man;

Strong as I can be,
Whenever I feel weak;
Hear the words of my heart,
When I try to speak;

Say a prayer for me Lord,
Say a word in kind;
Ease the trouble in my heart,
That travels through my mind;

That I may be a better man,
Than I was before;
And know I do the best I can,
As if I’m keeping score;

Please remember me,
Like I was before;
Before I fell and sinned again,
Here on the killing floor;

Pray for me.


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