Truth and Light

And though I can’t deny
All there is
I still ask why

All the trials and the troubles
All the pain
And misery

Who am I
In all of this
And where do I stand

Shall I be the one
To tell you
How and why

That there is
More to this
Life than this

That all I can see
Is not all
That can be seen

That all I know
Is just a portion
Of all that is known

Search for truth each day
Let it lead you
Along your way

Let it be your guiding light
Let it be your
One desire

Let it be all you need
To make it through
These confusing days

Search for light always
For it will make plain
The path you are on


Live my life
In a ceremony
Live for truth
In harmony
Just a touch
Of sympathy
For all that
We’ve been through

Surely now
Is the time
Though seasons change
We’ll  make it somehow
Surely now
Is the time
To be who
We ought to be

So walk a walk
None can deny
Live the truth
And testify
Of the love on
Which you rely
For the time
Of your life

Surely now
Is the time
Through our pain
We’ll be healed somehow
Surely now
Is the time
To be the
Best that we can

So talk the talk
None can deny
Speak the truth
And testify
Of the love on
Which you rely
For the days
Of your life

A Helping Hand

Am I too young
To defend my land
To give my people
A helping hand

Are my hands too small
To hold at bay
The enemy
Who comes this day

Who will be
The defensive shield
Who will be the one
To never yield

Will the smile
On my face
Give away
My youthful grace

Or the eyes
That you see
Have they seen
Too much today

Will you see me
Much differently
When I come
Home from war

Will the scars
I obtain
Cause your heart
To refrain

From seeing
The child
That I used
To be

From knowing
And loving
The person
I could be

Will you judge
Me harshly
For coming
Back alive

For doing
What it takes
Here in this
War to survive

Will you be there
To comfort me
And tell me
It’s alright

To chase away
The dragons
That come to
Me at night

To hold me
In your arms
And rock me
Back to sleep

To keep me
Safe and secure
When I start
To weep

Will you sing me
Songs of joy
Sing me songs
Of love

Will you call me
By my name
That is precious
And dear to me

Oh, lover
Of my soul
Come and
Make me whole

Make me
The person
That I
Long to be

Virtue and Vice

Rollin’ the dice
On virtue and vice
Pickin’ a winner tonight

Odds are
Better than even
That I’ll be a sinner tonight

Here I am
At the table again
Waiting for my turn to come

Ready or not
It’s your turn to roll
At the table of the seven veils

The pit boss said
I never lose
You know the house it always wins

So come on son
Just roll them dice
Take a chance on virtue and vice

Virtue prays for my soul
You know it just wants me safe
Vice says
It’s time to go
Runs my luck into the ground

So here I am
At the table again
Got the dice here in my hand

7 come 11
Or boxcars baby
And I’ll be here all night

Devil on one shoulder
Angel on the right
Here I am down on my luck
At the seven veils tonight

Life unknown

I stepped into
A life not lived
And found that
I was lost

Things here
Surrounding me
I did not

Words were spoken
In a different tongue
And the city
Was not my own

I walked through
The busy streets
One and all

If they could help
Me find my way
The way back to
My home

No one understood
Or was able to help
They were polite
In their rejection
And so I
Just passed on by

And the more I saw
And the more I heard
Led me to believe

That all I saw
And all I heard
Was just a
Crazy dream

But then there came
A wise man
And took me
By the arm

Led me to
A quiet garden
Where things
Aren’t as they seem

He spoke
Of time and space
And how it had
No meaning

When that
Which we are looking for
Cannot be here

Love is not
Described by dimensions
Unknown to
Mortal souls

Cannot be
Contained by one
Who limits
What it’s done

Search the limits
Of your dreams
And there
You will find

That which
Cannot be defined
By your
Little mind

Share the love
That grows inside
And then
You will see

The love you
Are looking for
Will finally
Be seen

And all the love
You’re looking for
Will make its
Way to you

And as I sat
And thought it out
The old man
Went away

Left me there
In my dream
So what else
Is there to say

I remember
Falling asleep
On that
Narrow bench

And when I awoke
I was in my bed
As if no one
Had ever spoken

And as I lay
There wondering
And remembering
All he’d said

I found a smile
Across my face
As you turned over
In bed

I thanked the Lord
For the dream
And making it
Come true

Just ask the Lord
In your prayers
And see what
HE can do


Built myself an idol,
And polished it up smooth;
Told myself to worship it,
All through my youth;

And the time that I spent,
And the words I did speak;
Tore through my insides,
And showed where I was weak;

And now that I’m older,
And see what I have done;
Will I be a wise man,
And repent what I have done;

So I tear down my idols,
And I build them up again;
Cry out for mercy,
Every time that I sin;

And the circles make me dizzy,
And fill my heart with grief;
But all that I am looking for,
Is to not feel like a thief;

The love that I desire,
Is close enough to touch;
With my hands outstretched,
It’s still just out of reach;

And so I take my days,
And do the best I can;
Trying to remember,
What it is to be a man;

Strong as I can be,
Whenever I feel weak;
Hear the words of my heart,
When I try to speak;

Say a prayer for me Lord,
Say a word in kind;
Ease the trouble in my heart,
That travels through my mind;

That I may be a better man,
Than I was before;
And know I do the best I can,
As if I’m keeping score;

Please remember me,
Like I was before;
Before I fell and sinned again,
Here on the killing floor;

Pray for me.

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