A Helping Hand

Brother can you hear me
Can you see the desperation
Written on my face
Can you find the time
To lend a helping hand

Who am I to the lost and lonely
Who am I to the ones in need

Sister can’t you see
This broken tragedy
Spoken out in public
For everyone one to see

Who are we to just pass on by
Who are we to stare at the sky

Lift a helping hand
To save a broken life
Lift a helping hand
To remove all of the strife

Rise Up

My beloved hold on to me
Walk the path here with me
Take my hand
Walk hand in hand
To the promised land

My beloved talk to me
Share the heart that stirs within
Open up the love within
And there will be
The peace that you desire

Shake yourself from this brokenness
Rise up in victory today
Share the love you have received
And all will find what they  desire in me

Rise up to action
Rise up today
Rise up to action
Never let your heart go astray

Stand firm in the love you know
Set apart, but not for show
This love is not the same
As what the world would have you believe

Rise up to action
Rise up today
Rise up to action
Your heart will see this is the way

Chimes of Freedom

Chimes of freedom
Can be heard no more
Death comes a knockin’
At your front door
Raise a hand
Take a sword today
Fight for your rights
It’s the American way

Founding fathers
Rolling in their graves
Said to one another
Jesus saves
Now is the time
Now is the day
Preach to the land
Jesus is the way

Save us from this garden of lust
Save us before we go bust
Save us from our sin
Save us before we die within

Bell is tolling
Calling to you
Turn from the path
That leads to GOD’S  wrath
Children come home
To the promised land
Isreal’s new hope
Is in GOD’S hand

Save us from this land of dust
Save us from the constraints of rust
Save us while we still have a chance
Save us for one final dance


And there’s a scaffold in the prison yard
Waiting there for me
Set to take my life from me
On this my final day

And the price that I’ll pay
Will be the most of all
My life won’t be my own
After the trap door has fallen

The guard has come to get me
And take me to my post
I no longer feel the sorrow
That consumed my innermost

I walk at a pace
That betrays how I must feel
I shuffle my feet
I drag my lowly heel

They push and they shove
To hurry me along
But what is the use
In a moment we’ll  be done

I climb up the stairs
That lead to the platform
They put the noose around my neck
And make sure I’m all set

And the judge reads my sentence
And proclaims for all to hear
That on this day in 85
I should lose my life

And the crowd stands by silently
And waits with bated breath
As the time ticks by slowly
For me to meet my death

And all at once the floor gives way
And I no longer know
If I’m here to entertain
In this my one man show

And so I swing upon a rope
Until I breathe no more
Then I’m lowered to the ground
My life it is no more

Who shall claim my body
And bury me today
I no longer care
I no longer have a say

I wake upon a bed
In a room I don’t know
Light shining softly
A gentle morning glow

There’s a tunic on the chair
And trousers for me too
Boots upon the floor
To put my feet into

I dress for a new day
In an unfamiliar way
As I walk to the door
And step into the hallway

I follow the hall
That leads to a room
Filled with just the bare necessities
A desk and two chairs

Standing at the window
Admiring the scene
Is a man I do not know
But seems familiar just the same

He turns as I enter
And comes to my side
Greets me by name
And bids me take a seat

He looks at me gently
And sits across from me
Thoughtful in his actions
I can see a love for me

James do you know
Who I am and where you’re at
Do you know the reason
For this tet a tet

I answer no
I’ve no clue of where I am at
But I know I’m not alive
On the Earth, that’s a fact

That is correct, James
You are no longer on Earth
You are in heaven
And I am the one true GOD

We have come here today
To see what can be done
To see if you qualify
For this heavenly home

I have here before me
A record of your deeds
Of the things you did and said
And if they were for me

Now, we know you gave your life to me
When you were a child
But time has passed and things have changed
You become a little wild

You did as you pleased
For most of your life
Though you never hurt the least of these
There were times you passed them by

I know you were not rich
And didn’t have much to give
But you could’ve shared a bit
More than you ever did

Is this a fair return
On how your life was spent
Have I missed any point
That might change what I have said

James spoke with confidence
Though hardly what he felt
It is as written in your book
I gave little of what I was dealt

My means we’re mighty poor most times
But not to the point of death
I made a living best I could
But fought for every breath

I was not the best that I could be
But better than the worst
Could have done more than I did
But helped a couple with their thirst

I showed a few the way to town
Gave food for children in need
But never in abundance, Sir
I never had the means

Did I show the people a Christian way
Speek of you before their face
I never had the gift of gab
But told of what I know

Never did see no converts here
Man or woman to show
But blessed the ones that I could
Before my time was through

I got by on little
Said just as much
But feel no remorse for my deeds
Or words spoken of such

Your words are true as always
And just as I have here
A record of all you’ve done
The truth will persevere

You died for a crime
Not committed by you
And yet you never spoke against
Those who would accuse

You were hung for the crime
And paid with your life
And still you won’t betray the youth
Who actually did this crime

It is as you have said
I’ve committed no crime
But gave my life willingly
To help this persons life

They were in need of nourishment
Desperate to be fed
And so conspired to steal some bread
And meat for a meal

It just happened to occur
As I was walking by
And I matched the description given
For him in this light

Now I knew that he needed
All the help he could get
But my life was better off
Trading mine for his

And so I took his place in jail
I’m  punished for his crime
Heaven or hell I did my deed
I’m sure you will agree

That the sacrifice I made
Was better this way than that
Of any other I could think of
And so this is where I’m at

I never expected to see you here
Never expected to be let in
Just wanted a fair shake in hand
Just once in my life

You have spoken well my son
And so it shall be
Because of you selfless act
A man has been set free

You are welcome here
Because of the life you gave to me
Not many would sacrifice it all this way
But it is alright by me

Now, come, let’s get you squared away
There is much for us to do
Many are the things
Of which I’d like to say to you

There is no hustle and bustle
No scurrying about
Things get done in their own way
Of this have no doubt

I will show you to your room
And there you will change
I’ve laid out a suit for you
For this day and age

After you’ve changed we will go to the hall
There is a feast for all who came
And there you will see the people of me
Who answered my call

And James entered his room
And washed and changed his clothes
And he and GOD made their way
To the great dinner hall

They were greeted by all
In a resounding voice
Welcome home my son
We’re  so glad you made this choice

And all began to sing
In wondrous harmony
Of the love of their wonderful GOD
And what HE truly means

Love in my Youth

We have memorized our politics
And preach it to the poor
Left them in the darkness
As they knock upon the door

No more helping helpless
They are lost to us
We shuffle on the wayward path
While the rich take the bus

And the thoughts of salvation
Wander to and fro
Lost among the foothills
And pathways that we know

And who shall speak the truth
And will we know it’s sound
Will the words of love and peace we crave
Be echoed through the town

So here I am again
Seeking out the truth
Tell me who it was again
Spoke love in my youth

And the words that I hear
Bring forth love and peace
Showing me the way I must go
Is finally within reach

On and on I go
Hoping I’m not lost
Will you join the trek I’m on
Before we find our stop

King of Fools

Here I am the king of fools
Watching you walk away
Sittin’ here saying nothing
As my life disintegrates

Thought that I gave you my best
But you walked away
Just like the rest
Now I’m alone
Sitting at home
Looking for someone to replace you again

My heart can’t take
Anymore of this
My mind it reels at the thought of this
But how can I endure
What we call torture
For something I can’t see or touch

What was the mistake I made
That you walked away
That you couldn’t forgive this time
Was it time for us to see
That we weren’t all we could be
That we needed something more than I could give

Was there more darkness than light
More hate than love
Coming from my heart to you
Was I too selfish to see
What you meant to me
What we could be if given a chance

So here I am the king of fools
Walking back inside
And letting you go
And letting you go

Sitting in the dark
Missing the mark
Not being who I was meant to be
Seeing a dream
Fall apart at the seams
As I die a little each day you are away


Laying in a field
On a summers day
Watching as the clouds go strolling by

Just like lovers did
In very olden times
Two by two in long and winding lines

The sun shines so brightly
Like a streetlamp shines at night
Providing a light upon their way

They bow and they nod
Tip their hat in respect
To each and every friend who walks on by

And so they walk to and fro
Across the land from coast to coast
Providing a little shade for you and me

The storms that they bring
Are like a fast rushing stream
A little beautiful and deadly just the same

So the days go on by
Providing change along the way
A new and glorious day for you and me

So give thanks to our GOD
For all this and more
For many are the blessings we’ve received

And I’ve lain here long enough
Seen the clouds in little tufts
To know that no two are ever just alike

Like the people that you know
Like the children you watch grow
We are unique in all that we are

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