Brand new Start

As we wander through this life,
What is the plan, what is the goal-
Are we to see what we should be,
Are we to know what we should know-
Who is to decide the path we should take,
Who is to blame for our mistakes-
Who will be rewarded for good deeds,
Who will be punished for all the little things-

Is there a way,
To see a better day-
To be better than today,
To be a man or woman-
The child a parent could be proud of,
Instead of failing everyday-
Falling in every way,
Showing the worst of what we are capable of-

Who will be the one,
To encourage on-
Who will be the one,
To help us make a stand-
To pray for our souls,
For the lost and all alone-
For the children on the street,
And the strangers we meet-

Who will be the one,
To teach us right and wrong-
To show a better heart,
With desire flowing strong-
Truth from the Father,
Flowing like a river-
Shining like a light,
Into our darkened lives-

Run to the truth-
Run like you did in your youth-
For the love of GOD,
For the Father’s heart-
For the healing we need,
To make a brand new start-

Author of Life

All you want is to go back home
But all of it is old somehow
A new experience was what you’d need
But it left you dead it seems

Will all your friends think you failed somehow
If you don’t have the car and house
The grass is greener on the other side
But all it does is leave you dead inside

We search all our lives for the meaning of life
Suffer for it through pain and strife
We wander round far and near
Can’t find the answers in a worldly sphere

Chances are, we won’t wander far
From the place we started from
But those we reach may seem far away
Unless we stop to see their heart

They have needs just like us
Sister, mother, father, son
Find the time to lend a hand
You’ll find yourself on the proper route

The only way to make it out
Is to find the author of life

Electric Dreams

I went to bed,
And dreamed a dream,
My head upon my pillow;
Sleep the sleep,
Of troubled sleep,
To watch the shadows creap;

Donald duck and daffy duck-
Popeye eating spinach;
People testifying-
The world was on the brink;
Cartoons brought the mayhem-
Dynomite was set to blow;
Bugs bunny road runner-
Here comes the show;

Mr ed and cookie monster-
Talking back to me;
Since when did the animals-
Communicate with me;
Laughter the best medicine-
Scare me with your words;
Teach me what it means-
To be filled with dread;

Mr Rodgers neighborhood-
Taught us wrong from right;
Stephen King spread the word-
Brought fear to the  night;
Images and words-
As far as the eye can see;
But is there really anything-
Here we really need;

Shape the way i see-
With images so bright;
But will it do me any good-
Reflecting in the night;
Lighting up the sky-
Just like it is day;
Is there any turning off-
This incandescent way;

Machinery grinding out-
Electricity and noise;
Helping us to find-
These new irreplaceable toys;
Gadgets coming for me-
Calling out my name;
Telling me to buy them-
Or be lost in my shame;

New is old, old is new-
Forever is the way;
To sell me all there is to sell-
Is the American way;
Nothing new under the sun-
Been true for all time;
But listen to my jingle-
Come listen to my rhyme…..

Sign On The Wall

The sign on the wall
Written with a scrawl
Calls out to you and me

Asking not for alms or charity
But a chance to be set free

From the ills of life
From suffering and strife
For a chance at a better life

For dignity and prosperity
Found only in the heavenlies

The signs we see
On the streets between
What is and what should be

Tell us a story
Of the ones who have lost
All pride and dignity

Rebuking us
For the lack of love
And compassion for our fellow man

So with that in mind
Can we find the time
To make a difference in our world

To share our heart
To share our soul
To be more than kind

To be a light
A beacon strong
Point the way to eternity

Bring salvation home
To the lost and found
So that all may be set free

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