John Bonn

So long John Bonn
Have a safe trip
Find yourself a princess
For that wandering ship

May she be happy
With your wandering ways
For the long nights
And even longer days

May she be good company
Lend a hand as she may
Be there for you
On any given day

May you be gentle
With her heart and soul
Speak words of love
That root her to your soul

May you provide for her
That which she would need
That she may be strong like an oak
Not a stragley weed

John Bonn be brave
And search with all your heart
She is out there somewhere
Waiting for the start

Of your journey together
Through this wonderful life
Hand in hand forever
As your wonderful wife

John Bonn
Leave your past behind
Leave your worries and cares
Blowing in the wind

Put your dreams and hopes
In a box to share with her
To be opened and shared
When the time is right

Plan a perfect future
Allow for change within
She will be your rudder
When life gets tough

Pray for her soul
That she may be strong
That she will have wisdom
On the days when you are tossed around

John Bonn
Be strong and of good cheer
I know the times are tough
But she will be there to hear

Your words of love
Your words of praise
These are the things she needs
In the days of dark and strange

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