A New Story

“Tell me the story,
Of how you came to be;
Homeless and alone,
Living on the street;
Living in a box,
That was thrown away;
Treated like garbage,
Like the box, the same way;
How someone with your smarts,
And your way with words;
Came to this point in life,
Where there were no other roads”;

He said,
“I lived a life of comfort,
I lived a life of means;
Until the Kings and Queens of means,
Said I wasn’t worth my beans;
They said, “We are through with you”,
They said, “We’ve  had enough”;
If I couldn’t do the job they asked,
They’d throw me out on my ass;
They said, “Your work was getting lax”,
They said, “You’ve done your  worst”;
They said, “We’ll get a robot,
Who’d work twice as fast”;
So, off I went to get my stuff,
And walked right out the door;
They didn’t even shake my hand,
They looked at me no more;
I went to the employment line,
And stood there like a lamb;
Led to the slaughter here,
“Unemployable”, they said I am;
I didn’t have the skills,
To do the jobs they had;
Robots were the stock in trade,
If a job could be had;
I walked from door to door,
Asking for a job;
No one said I could work today,
As the ushered me out the door;
Days went by, then weeks,
Bills were piling up;
Still no work for me,
Not even food for me to sup;
Eventually I lost my house,
And packed a few of my things;
Off I went to a shelter I knew,
But even they couldn’t bring me in;
So I wandered down to the mean side of town,
And found a place to squat;
Cardboard box to call my own,
In an alley dark and rank;
Many have passed me by,
Some give me food or drink;
None can give me dignity,
To make me feel my place;
I no longer care for living,
It seems so hard some days;
But the little I eat carries me,
Till I wither and blow away;
It’s been three years
Since I first came here,
But who is there to tell;
I no longer have the will to live,
I’ve resigned myself to hell;
I thank you for stopping by,
But have nothing here to give;
I appreciate the conversation,
They’ve been few and far between;”

The man stood as if to go, but turned and spoke from his heart:

“If you want a life of comfort, want a life of ease,
I’m not the man for it,
I can only give you peace;
I have learned of a new road,
Learned of a new path;
One that gives new meaning,
To a life lived with worth;
You would understand,
The truth of what life’s worth;
Who better to share with others,
That there is worth in every life;
None should be tossed aside,
None should lose what’s right;
Would you be willing to give your all,
To keep others from this blight;
That none should become lost,
And wander and go astray?
Come and give your life to Christ,
Confess your sins complete;
Ask for forgiveness,
Right here on the street”;

The man dropped to his knees,
And confessed all he knew;
Asked for forgiveness, “Lord,
My heart from me to you;
No longer will the life I live,
Be called mine and mine alone;
I have a purpose here today,
A word spoken, words to say;
Come all you who are weary,
And I will give you rest;
The blood of Christ heals all who come,
And their sins confess”;

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